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This month I would like to highlight a couple who have volunteered at the Club for over 14 years, Frank and Frances Bienati. Frank has been a member since 1977 and Frances has been a member of the Women’s Auxiliary and served on the Board for many years. I am so impressed by their boundless energy and their love of the Club. For years they both have been part of the Set Up Committee for every dinner and event. Can you imagine setting up for party of 500? There is a small committee led by Frances and Frank that is responsible for setting the dishes and whatever else you see on the table for every Club and catered event. This is a huge undertaking and the Club could not do it without them. They can be seen at most other events at the Club volunteering wherever they are needed.

Board Chair Message: June 2020 1
Frances Bienati at home

Frank’s service and contribution to the Club has been invaluable. Frank completes the profit and loss statement for every event. He collects all the invoices and everything affiliated with the event so we can determine costs of each event. This is a tremendous undertaking and we are so thankful for all that Frank does for the Club. Frances is the other part of this dynamic duo. I don’t know where they get the energy but they need to bottle and sell it. They are role models for all of us as they just celebrated being married for 65 years. Frances is also the Catering Manager for the Club.

Most everyone who meets Frances falls in love with the Club because of her salesmanship. She is a true ambassador for the Club. Frances directs and is in charge of the decorating committee for the Club. She is there to ensure everything is perfect. Everything she does is done with joy and exuberance. So many Club events have raffle prizes that raise money for scholarships or for the betterment of the Club. Frances is responsible for getting the gifts and wrapping them. This is no small undertaking but she does it for the love of the Club. She is one in a million.

I look forward to the Club reopening and seeing Frank and Frances again. Thank you Frank and Frances for all you do for the Club.

Cyril Bonanno
Board Chairman

(925) 202-9576

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