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Auxiliary President’s Message: February 2021

It is hard to believe that one year ago we were enjoying one of our wonderful Italian dinners at the Colombo Club. In fact, it was our “hearts and roses and hugs and kisses Valentine’s dinner.” Who knew that it was the last time we had the opportunity to celebrate together for over one year? Don’t you miss that great hall of Italian voices raising to levels that cause you to speak even louder. I would call that camaraderie.

I do believe 2021 will bring new hope and a strong possibility that our days of celebrating our Italian ancestry together will be at hand.

So, it is February and hopefully you are celebrating with friends and family. Take the time to drop off a basket of fruit or flowers or candy or a Valentine’s Day card to someone that would enjoy this act of kindness and love.

This has been one of the most difficult times we have experienced. I still cannot believe how far reached this virus has affected all our lives. People in so many professions have lost their livelihoods. Children are not enjoying the experiences of normal school life. Having a doctor’s appointment via Zoom and delaying medical procedures. My car has become my outdoor dining room. Let us not forget elbow bumping and our variety of face masks that match our mood and our outfits.

Let us pray that we all can receive the vaccine sooner than later. Let’s also pray that we can all be together soon and never forgetting to keep being kind and thoughtful to each other, we are strong together.

Dio benedica te e Dio benedica gil Stati Uniti d’America

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