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Aux President’s Message: June 2020

Life has changed for all of us. Our Colombo Club activities are missing from our lives, and I for one feel a large void. Being an Italian has always meant greeting familia with warm hugs and usually kisses. As I grew up, I was a little taken back when hugs and kisses were not the […]

Board Chair Message: June 2020

This month I would like to highlight a couple who have volunteered at the Club for over 14 years, Frank and Frances Bienati. Frank has been a member since 1977 and Frances has been a member of the Women’s Auxiliary and served on the Board for many years. I am so impressed by their boundless […]

Club President’s Message: June 2020

Ciao, Ciao It is mid-June and it’s still Ground Hog Day. Never would anyone imagine that we would have postponed our 100th Anniversary extravaganza, and the continued cancelling of our famous birthday dinners. The good news is that we had an in-person social distancing board meeting on June 9th. The Board created a “Reopening Committee” […]