Auxiliary Presidents Message: August 2021

Auxiliary Presidents Message: August 2021 1

We are starting to see bright rays of light through the COVID clouds. July brought in new freedom of movement and plans for auxiliary meetings and potential dinners coming soon. It looks promising. The board approved our funding for all five of our charities which of course fulfills one of clubs’ mission statements. Hopefully, with […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: July 2021

Colombo Club July 4th 2021

The 4th of July is really the beginning of summer. Farmers markets are full of beautiful fruits and vegetables. Safe family and friend picnics in the beautiful outdoors are being planned. I always look forward to fireworks, but with COVID restrictions we may be limited to laser light shows or watching fireworks on TV. We […]

Club President’s Message: August 2021

Club President’s Message: August 2021 2

We have just experienced an amazing few months at the Club. If you have not been back to the Club since we reopened, then it’s time to come and feel the warmth, the enthusiastic greetings and camaraderie. Members and guests are leaving the evening events with the best attitude. I soci e gli ospiti stanno […]