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April 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter

Noi non potremo avere perfetta vita senza amicii

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Happy Birthday greeting

Mark Andres

Joseph Attinello

Steven Avolicino

Andrew Balistreri

Paul Bancroft

John J. Banda

Byran Baptist

Robert L. Bas II

Greg Bellusa

Phillip R. Bodas

Gary Borg

Tony Camara

Bill Caruso

Robert J. Casella

Cosimo Cavallo

Bruce Cavestri

Martin Cecaci

Don Ceremello

Greg Ciraulo

Thomas J. Colombo

Adam Corder

Anthony H. Costello

William Curotto

Guido M. Curzi

Brian DeDeaux

Reno Dell’acqua

Steve Dellanini

Jack DelSoldato

Robert A. Dimino

Kirk Dobson

Dominic Duncan

Dave Edwards

Steven  A. Fadelli

Mark Figone

Richard L. Fraioli

Michael L. Franchi

Paul Giacoletti

Rocco M. Giordano, Jr.

Michael Gonnelli

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Ralph D. Hughes

Robert Kaady

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Kyle Vallone

Gary L. Vittori

April 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 1

April Birthday Dinners

All events have been canceled this month due to the mandatory Shelter in Place order. We hope to see you and your family and friends in May.

May Birthday Dinners

Calabrese Nights

Menu: Salad, Pasta Fagioli, Salsiccia with Peppers Dessert, Wine, Coffee

Thurs.,  May 7 510-653-9020  x301
Thurs.,  May 14 510-653-9020  x302
Thurs.,  May 28 510-653-9020  x303

To cancel reservations call x308
by 7 pm Sunday before the dinner

We will honor free birthday dinners for members who celebrated birthdays in March, April and possibly May through the rest of the year. You must bring the post card received in the mail for your free dinner.

April 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 2

Would You Like to Cook for the Club?

Join our team of chefs! Call Tony Tedeschi for more information: (510) 653-9716 Ext. 353.

Chairman’s Message

As I look forward to the Club eventually reopening, I can’t help but think about our fore fathers and founders of the Club and what they went through in 1918-20 with the Spanish flu and a war that killed thousands. Who would have thought 100 years later that there would be an infection on such an unprecedented scale. A friend of mine put it in perspective for me when he said our grandparents were called to war and we are being called to sit on the couch. Truly we can do this. I wonder 100 years from now, when members look back, will they understand the impact of a virus that has ravaged the world and killed so many in Italy.

The next steps: Well for me, I look forward to when we reopen. I look forward to walking in the ballroom and the noise. I look forward to walking down the stairs and shaking hands and hugging old and new friends.  I look forward to being greeted by the waiters and Nick Nicora President, greeting us as no one else can. I look forward to the great meal prepared by our wonderful cooks. As members, I hope you are also looking forward to when we reopen. As you sit home and ponder, what am I going to do? Well here is a SUGGESTION:  Get involved with the Club! We are almost a thousand strong and we need you to become an active member. If you have an interest in cooking we would really like to hear from you. We will work with you in the transition. Take a look at the list of committees on the right side of this page. You don’t need to be an expert. Most of these committees meet quarterly. Lastly, I would like to invite you to become a member of the Board. It is only a once a month commitment. Some of the members of the Board have been members for over ten years and they have indicated that they are interested in stepping down. We would love to have some new members to bring a fresh perspective. 

Looking forward to seeing you at the Club, 

Cyril Bonanno, Chairman, (925) 202-9576.

President’s Message

Ciao, Ciao

March ended in a very strange way. The Coronavirus made an unprecedented impact on the Club.  After receiving many cancellations to our normally sold out Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner, the Board of Directors led by Cyril Bonanno made the bold move to postpone the Lobster Feed and cancel the remaining birthday dinners and family dinners in March and April.  If by chance things do change, we will notify all members.  Please note that if you have a birthday in March or April the Club will honor your free birthday dinner through the end of the year. In caso di compleanno a marzo o aprile, il club onorerà la cena di compleanno gratuita a maggio e giugno. The hope is this virus will move on and we, as Club members, can move forward with our normal lives. We (I) look forward to the Club operating with its normal schedule. Stay tuned as information will be flowing through our new web site and direct email blasts. Non vediamo l’ora che il club operi secondo il normale programma. Restate informati mentre le informazioni scorreranno attraverso il nostro nuovo sito Web e le e-mail dirette.

I am looking forward to May when hopefully, we will all sit down for dinner under normal operations and feast on our Club favorite meal, Salsiccia con Peppers & Pasta/Fagioli. This meal has been a long-standing tradition thanks to Papa Joe Scalise and the Scalise Family. It will be a great way to bring our lives back to normal at the Club.  Questo pasto è una tradizione di lunga data, grazie scalare la famiglia, e sarebbe un ottimo modo per riportare la nostra vita normale al club.  If things change, we will notify you if we open in April. 

As we get closer and closer to all the events in August celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Colombo Club, I would like to emphasize the dress code. We are all owners of this great Club, and as we get closer to 100 years more and more eyeballs will be on our Club. We all need to make sure we represent this outstanding Club with the highest standards. Dressing properly reflects our honor to our founders.  Thank you to the members who adhere to our standards, and please make sure you tell your guests to dress and handle themselves at the Club with respect. 

We are very excited to reach out to our old country family and welcome to our club Friends of Isola delle Femmine. This is a first-time event for Club members. The continued association that we have with Italy is a welcome event in my mind.  This town in Italy Isola delle Femmine is an Italian town in North-Western Sicily, administratively part of the metropolitan city of Palermo. Questa città in Italia Isola delle Femmine è una città italiana nella Sicilia nord-occidentale, amministrativamente parte della città metropolitana di Palermo. Despite its name, which can be translated in English as “The Island of Women,” the town is in mainland Sicily. Originally scheduled for May, this dinner has been postponed to October 3, $75 per person starting at 5 pm for no host cocktails. The menu will include meat ravioli  and Swiss Steak followed by the Rat Pack Show. More info at 

Please make sure you all stay safe through this patch of rough water.  I know we will come out of this stronger and closer as a family than ever before.  Assicurati di stare al sicuro con questa macchia di acqua agitata. So che usciremo da questa fam

Celebrare Cento Anni,
Nick Nicora, President, nnicora@comcast. net

Colombo Club Auxiliary President’s Message

The beautiful signs of Spring are here, and it appears that April showers will be with us also. Our St. Patrick’s dinner had to be postponed due to current community health concerns, but we are hopeful we can enjoy St. Pat’s feast at a future date. What we will be missing most of all is the wonderful Italian comradery.  

The dinners are such a great reminder of the numerous delicious, loud and fun family gatherings most of us remember growing up.

The future holds not only our Mother’s Day Dinner on May 21st, but a yearlong 100-year celebration of the Colombo Club itself. What an amazing accomplishment. We are all looking forward to the next 100 years of promoting our Italian American heritage.  

In order to further advance our Italian heritage, we need your participation in meetings, activities and dinners. When attending meetings and events, please come with ideas that will promote our Mission Statement to maintain our Italian traditions and raise funds for the Colombo Club scholarship and other charities.

Buona salute e Dio vi benedica

Sylvia Jesuit, Colombo Club Auxiliary President

April 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 3

Birthday Dinner Incentive Supporters

Our appreciation to the following individuals and businesses for their support of the Club incentive program during the February Birthday dinners: All Bay Cities Towing, Charlie Scherff; Brignole & Ghiri Insurance; The Colomobo Club; East Bay MUD, Frank Mellon, Director; Grocery Outlet, Mark Rezente; JBF Logistics, Jeo Gennero; Royal Auto Repair, Craig Jaber; Angelo Magurno; Dan Foster; Fred Moehl and Bob Wheeler; Jerry Jennaro; Jim Bartha; Lonnie Chase and Tim Tomei.

In Memoriam

Joe Saccomonno

Member since 1998

Sunshine Corner

Our condolences to the family of Joe Saccomonno for his passing in November and to member Greg Motta on the passing of his mother.

If you know of a member who is ill or passed away, please let Gordon Bowman, Sunshine Chair know. Call him at (925) 449-5549.  

April 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 4

SAVE THE DATE! Italian Heritage Night at the A’s

Saturday, August 1, 2020. Oakland A’s v. the Texas Rangers 1:07 pm. $30/ticket. Please call (510) 653-9716 ext. 353 to reserve tickets. 

Coronavirus and Prepaid Events

Our appreciation to the members who sent reservations for the March 21 Lobster Feed and April 25 Opera Night. Unfortunately, both events have been canceled because of the coronaviris situation. Refunds will be sent to members who have prepaid reservations for these two prepaid events. Both events may be rescheduled – more info to follow.  

To our members who have sent prepaid reservations for the Club’s August 16 and August 22 Member’s Gala – thank you! You should receive confirmation of your reservation in early May.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Please help us publish a 12 page program for our 100th Anniversary Dinners. This program will have pictures of the three Club buildings, a short history of the Club, lists of charter members, past presidents, current Board members and Officers, as well as information about the Club’s 100 year anniversary events.  See the sponsorship options here.

Please contact Rich Puppione if you have questions at Make your check to the Colombo Club and send check and the wording for your ad to: Colombo Club Program, 5321 Claremont Ave, Oakland, CA 94618


The Colombo Club’s success can be directly attributed to the many committees and volunteers that help shape the Club into what it is today:

HOUSE COMMITTEE: (510) 653-9716 Ext. 353 

Tony Tedeschi Chairman, Billy Castell, Joe Guerrero, Doug Emeldi, Lynne Kessler, Frank Bienati, Frances Bienati, Cyril Bonanno, Dan Foster, John Mazibrook

SOCIAL COMMITTEE: (510) 653-9716 Ext 353  

Tony Tedeschi and David Urbanus

FINANCE COMMITTEE:(510) 653-9716 Ext. 360 

Chris Brady, Matthew Moran, Frank Bienati, Nick Nicora, Tony Tedeschi, Lonnie Chase, Cyril Bonanno

ELECTION COMMITTEE: (510) 524-1830    

Billy Castell, Paul Chivello, Niccolo DeLucca, Lonnie Chase Vince Fratangelo, Ron Dallimonte

INTERVIEW & ORIENTATION: (510) 653-9716 Ext. 352
John Banda, Nick Nicora

RESERVATION COMMITTEE: (510) 653-9716 Ext 359  

Ken DeCrosta, Jr., Joe Guerrero, and Dan Foster

BAR COMMITTEE: (510) 653-9716 Ext. 358  

Angelo Magurno, Vic Tufo and Tony Tedeschi

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE: (925) 449-5549  

Gordon Bowman


John Penna, Rich Puppione


John Mazibrook Chair, David Nardi, Joe Guerrero, Rich   Puppione, Tony Tedeschi, Al Giorando  

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE: (510) 653-9716 Ext 357
Rich Puppione, Tony Ballestero, Jerry Shelley, Lonnie Chase Steve Dellanini, Bev Chernoff, Joann Cummings, Tim Sbranti

Computer and Website:
John Mazibrook, Chris Brady, Nick Nicora, John Nardi, Greg Motta           

If you are thinking of contributing your time to one of these committees, we would welcome your participation. Please contact Board Chairman Cyril Bonanno at or call him at (925) 202-9576.  Thank you.

Our Cultural Heritage and Our Club Today

by Rich Puppione, Colombo Club Co-Historian

The Month of April in Colombo Club History

In April 1923, it was decided to pay 6% interest to those members who had donated money to the Club for the purchase of the Club building on Broadway.

In April, 1980, charter member Charlie Merlone, passed away. Nine of the living past presidents attended the funeral. Mario Lovisone gave the eulogy, “He was well known for his stories and jokes. He always stood up for what he thought the club was organized for and represented. He always wanted the club to progress and grow with the times, but never, never lose the Italian heritage, traditions and friendships that always existed within the club.” The Club had a plaque made in his honor which is hung in the Isabella room. 

In April 2000, the position of 3rd vice president was eliminated.

In April 2004, Anna Mae Tandi, wife of Head Cook, John Tandi, painted an Italian scene mural on the back wall of the dining room where the stage used to be located.

David Urbanus and Bill O’Hara were instrumental in bringing back a successful Boxing Night to the Club in April, 2010. The event included a dinner and a local boxing club from Richmond provided 10 matches.

The birthday dinners in April, 2018, featured sold-out Calabrese Nights. These nights were started by Papa Joe Scalise in the 1950s


August 4 – All Previous Colombo Club Board Members and Officers Dinner

  Menu: Chicken Marsala 

August 6, 13, 27 – Birthday Dinners (Family Dinners) 

Menu: Italian Pork Roast, Tortellini

August 16 – Sunday Family Dinner and Gala 100 Year Celebration

(Games & DJ) Menu: Meatballs and Spaghetti  

August 22 – Members’ Gala 100 Year Anniversary Dinner and Dance

(Big Band)  Menu: Strip Steak and Tortellini 

August 29  – Members’ and Invited Guests’ 100 Year Anniversary Dinner and Dance

(Dennis Cruda Band)   Menu: Strip Steak and Ravioli

Dinner tickets for the August 22 and August 29 dinners are now on sale on a first come first serve basis. There are tickets left, but they are selling out quickly.

Please support our individual and business sponsorships for our Anniversary program.  We will be handing out over 2,000 of these programs at all of the anniversary dinners.  Please see the flyer here for the options.  Molto Grazie!!!

Use the reservation form here to reserve your spot today!  Both events are limited to the first 500 reservations.

Download the 100th Anniversary Events flyer here.

April 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 5

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