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A tavola non si invecchia

Article II – Members

Ignorantia legis neminem excusat
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Section 1.

The total membership of the COLOMBO CLUB INC shall be limited to 1,000 and shall be of one equal class. The limit is a target and at times the membership may exceed the limit due to the admission of a new group of members.

Section 2.

The total membership may be increased or decreased by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Section 3.

Members shall not be subject to any assessment.

Section 4.

Members must be male, 21 years of age or older, and of good moral character.

Section 5.

Members must be of Italian origin or descent, except that ten percent of the maximum allowed membership as provided in this Article II, Section 1, hereof, may be of non-Italian descent.

Section 6.

Any person desiring to become a member of the Colombo Club shall apply, in writing, on an application form furnished by the Club. The completed application will be forwarded to the Secretary of Correspondence, who shall record the date the application is received and whether the applicant is of Italian descent or non-Italian descent. As vacancies occur in the Italian or non-Italian membership, the Secretary of Correspondence shall submit to the Board of Directors the applications necessary, from the appropriate list, to fill the rolls. Applications with the earliest date of receipt will be the first considered. The Board of Directors may screen the applicants and direct the Secretary of Correspondence to contact those who it has approved for further processing. The applicant may be required, together with his sponsor, to appear before the Orientation Committee at a time and place designated by the Committee. The Orientation Committee shall pass its recommendations to the Board of Directors at the Board’s next meeting. If the Board shall have reason to investigate the applicant further, it may appoint an Investigating Committee before passing on acceptance or rejection. The applicant shall become a member when accepted by the Board and inducted at a meeting designated to accept new members.

Subsection 6a.

An induction of new members will be held at the 1st Birthday dinners in the months of February, May, and September, and at the annual Assembly Meeting in November. All applicants must attend one of the above meetings to become a member of the Club.

Subsection 6b.

If for any reason, an applicant’s sponsor is no longer available, the board may appoint a sponsor or request that the applicant provide a new sponsor. In either case, the applicant will retain his position on the eligibility list.

Section 7.

All members will be sent a dues notice for the calendar year in the month of December. Members who are delinquent on March 1st shall be notified of such delinquency and charged a late fee by separate letter, sent with first-class postage, to the member’s last known address, and via email, if available. The Late Fee letter shall notify the delinquent member that his membership will expire if his dues, and late fee, remain unpaid on April 1st. All dues shall be paid on a calendar year basis. New members applying will pay, on a prorated basis, only for the months remaining in the calendar year, including the month in which his membership is accepted, except that those memberships effective in October, November, and December will pay the remaining months plus the next year’s dues.

Section 8.

Dues may be waived at the discretion of the Board of Directors for any valid reason.

Section 9.

Dues shall be waived for any member on active duty with the armed forces.

Section 10.

A member who has reached·75 years of age and who has been a member in good standing for the preceding 20 years shall be required to pay a minimum of dues not exceeding 50% of the regular dues. The amount is to be set by the Board of Directors but not to exceed 50% of the then current dues.

Section 11.

Rights of membership are not assignable or inheritable: however, the sons or descendants of a member or of a deceased member shall have first priority to membership if they are otherwise qualified for admission. Subsection 11a. Any member who has maintained a continuous membership for a period of 50 years, regardless of age, shall be granted a life membership and shall be issued a gold-colored card denoting his special status. In addition, the Board of Directors may grant such special privileges to such members as it may deem appropriate.

Section 12.

No benefits shall be paid upon the death of any member.

Section 13.

Any member may file with the Board of Directors signed written charges of misconduct against any member. The Chairman of the Board shall, within the next 30 days, assign a special committee of three Board members, notify the accused as well as the accuser to appear, allow each of them to be heard, and after due deliberation, shall decide whether the charged member is guilty or innocent.

Subsection 13a.

If the decision is to drop the charges, no further action shall be taken by anyone anywhere on the complaint made. Page | ​9 Bylaws of the Colombo Club

Subsection 13b.

Any member who shall be judged guilty of misconduct may be disciplined in the following manner: 1. Reprimand the member 2. Place member on probation 3. Suspend the member 4. Expel the member

Subsection 13c.

The Board will review the special committee’s recommendation and make a decision within 60 days of the special committee’s presentation to the Board. If a member of the Board of Directors or an Officer is the accused person, such member shall absent himself from the deliberations of the Board of Directors, but shall be entitled to defend himself before them in person, or in writing, and shall otherwise be entitled to all the rights of any accused member. If an Officer or member of the Board is found guilty of misconduct, he shall be removed from office if the action taken by the Board is anything other than reprimand.

Section 14.

A member shall not be eligible to become an officer of the Club or a member of the Board of Directors unless he has been a member in good standing for at least one year preceding his nomination to office.