A tavola non si invecchia

Article IV – Duties of Officers

Ignorantia legis neminem excusat
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Section 1.

Duties of the President:

Subsection 1a.

Open, close, and preside at all meetings of the Assembly and Induction Meetings held prior to the Birthday Dinners noted in Article II.

Subsection 1b.

Control the order of business in conformity with the bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.

Subsection 1c.

Represent the Club at all social functions, with the power to appoint representatives to act in his place, preferably a Vice-President.

Subsection 1d.

Appoint committees as deemed necessary and not required to be appointed by the Board of Directors, with power to refer matters in dispute to special committees for study and report.

Subsection 1e.

Call special meetings of the Assembly when deemed necessary.

Subsection 1f.

The President shall be one of five persons authorized to sign all checks of the Club. The other four are the First Vice-President, the Secretary of Finance, the Treasurer and the Chairman of the House Committee. All Checks will require the signature of any two of the above persons.

Subsection 1g.

The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees with power to vote in case of a tie. If the President shall be unable to attend any committee meeting, he shall delegate a Vice-President to attend the meeting with power to cast a vote in a tie.

Subsection 1h.

The President shall be a member of the Board of Directors with the power to cast a vote in case of a tie. Subsection 1i. Appoint delegates to represent the Club, preferably a Vice-President.

Subsection 1j.

Recommend, advise, and do all things necessary to promote the best Interest of the Club.

Subsection 1k.

In the absence of the Secretary of Correspondence at any Assembly meeting, the President shall delegate to a Vice-President the duties of the Secretary of Correspondence.

Subsection 1l.

The invitation of public, civic, and other dignitaries to the Club funct1ons shall be the sole duty and responsibility of the President.

Section 2.

The Duties of the First Vice-President:

Subsection 2a.

The First Vice-President may carry out all the duties of the President in the absence of the President.

Subsection 2b.

He will assume responsibility as chair of the Orientation Committee.

Subsection 2c.

The First Vice-President shall be chairman of the Club Anniversary Dinner. Section 3. The Duties of the Second Vice-President:

Subsection 3a.

The Second Vice-President shall carry out all the duties of the President in the absence of both the President and the First Vice-President.

Subsection 3b.

The Second Vice-President will chair the annual picnic and will chair the children’s Christmas Party.

Section 4.

Unavailability of the two Vice-Presidents: In the event that neither of the two Vice-Presidents are available to assume the Presidential duties, the Chairman of the Board of Directors shall serve as the president until the next regular election.

Section 5.

The Duties of the Secretary of Correspondence: Subsection 5a. Send notices to delinquent members. Subsection 5b. Shall read and report to the Assembly and the Board of Directors all correspondence received by the Club and shall write all letters on behalf of the Club.

Subsection 5c.

Shall answer all questions regarding records of past meetings and documents of the Club. Subsection 5d. Shall maintain a complete up-to-date list of all the members of the Club with their current addresses, date of application, date of membership, email addresses, and any other pertinent information.

Section 6.

The Duties of the Secretary of Finance:

Subsection 6a.

The Secretary of Finance shall keep accurate accounts of all financial transactions of the Club such as dues, amounts invested by members in the Club, the number of Club notes purchased, the number of notes redeemed, and the interest paid or accrued.

Subsection 6b.

Make all returns and reports to the Employment Development Department, Internal Revenue, and other government agencies whenever required by law to do so.

Subsection 6c.

Report quarterly to the Board of Directors and annually to the Assembly, the financial condition of the Club, and answer all questions regarding the financial status of the Club.

Subsection 6d.

Pay all bills of the Colombo Club.

Section 7.

The Duties of the Treasurer:

Subsection 7a.

To receive all monies of the Club and deposit the same to the account of the Club.

Subsection 7b.

Keep a record of all the receipts and disbursements on behalf of the Club.

Subsection 7c.

Audit the books as kept by the Secretary of Finance, select assistants to audit books, and may call audit at any time.

Section 8.

The Duties of the Sergeant-at-Arms:

Subsection 8a.

To maintain law and order.

Subsection 8b.

Carry out the directions of the presiding officer at the Assembly, Induction, and Board of Directors meetings.