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A tavola non si invecchia

Article IX – Rules of Order

Ignorantia legis neminem excusat
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Section 1.

The President is to have full discretion in the order in which the business of the Club shall be presented to the Assembly.

Section 2.

No member shall have the right to speak for more than three minutes on a single proposition until all others who desire to be heard on the same subject shall first be heard. In any event, he shall not be permitted to speak more than three times on the same subject without the consent of the President.

Section 3.

When a proposal is under discussion, no other proposal will be permitted to be discussed.

Section 4.

No member shall be interrupted while he is speaking.

Section 5.

A member who is called to order by the President while speaking must be seated and will not retake the floor until permitted by the President.

Section 6.

No member shall be permitted to make any proposal or to discuss any subject unless he has first risen and asked permission of the President to be heard.

Section 7.

No member shall be permitted to leave the Assembly without first obtaining the President’s permission.

Section .8

If two or more members shall arise at the same time, the President shall decide which member shall have the floor.

Section 9.

Any member may request a secret vote on any motion.

Section 10.

Roberts Rules of Order shall control in situations not herein provided.

Section 11.

A copy of Roberts Rules of Order shall be available on the Club premises at all times.

Section 12.

Each new member and any member who requests it shalt receive a copy of the Bylaws of the Colombo Club.