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A tavola non si invecchia

August 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter

Noi non potremo avere perfetta vita senza amicii

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Colombo Club birthday postcards mailed by the Club to members in 2020 may be exchanged for a free birthday or family dinner after the Club reopens.

Happy Birthday greeting

Michael W. Adamo

Michael Ballerini

Martin Barbano

Peter George Barbounis

Kevin Jean Bohm, Jr.

David Bozzone

Richard Brophy D.C.

Martin J. Brusco

George Campi

Jack Cannata

John Capurro

Michael Carano

Bob Cellini

Lonnie J. Chase

John Christ

Julio Corral

Kent A. Cremolini

C. M. Cronin

Matt Dallara

Ed Dean

John DeFazio

Renato Delnevo

Albert DeNurra

Chris DeVreeze

Jonathan Drescher

Danny Duncan

Robert E. Falaschi

Jon Feldhammer

Lee Ferreira

Steve Ficarra

Matthew Fortayon

Steven Robert Gazzaneo

Anthony Gemignani

John Gentilin

Walter D. Harrison

Clifton Hayden

Roger Huddlestone

Maron Impagliazzo

Joe Iovino

Salvatore Lamanna

William A. Lopez

Peter Lucchese

Thomas A Lucini

Vincent Macaluso

Robert Malatesta

Dr. Vincent Mallfitano

Blake Agostino Marchand

Peter Marigonda

Mario Marinai

Dylan L. Martinelli

Denis Martinez

Frank Mazzie

Richard Mazzuto

Ross McNall

David McPartland

Steven C. Montevago

Mark J. Moran

Ralph L. Mossino

Ed Nelsen

Gino Thomas Paoletti

Robert Petri

Don F. Potestio

Alan Edward Puccini

Christopher Puppione

Robert “Bobby” Puppione

Michael Ramacciotti

Patrick Ramsey

Steve Re

Tom Reese

Joseph Rizza

Robert Rossi

Troy Russo

Gary M. Sabatté

Calvin Sakamoto

Derek Sanchez

Brian Sanford

Joseph Santini

Robert Sapeta

James M. Scalise

Paul Schafer

Wayne Schafer

Daniel Schultz

Joseph A. Sciortino

Aubrey Shehorn

Gary B. Souza

Rob Stoker

James Gabriel Togneri

Thomas Viglienzone

Tony Vignale

Nick Villa

Anthony Weakland

Paul Zarcone

Joseph Anthony Zumbo

Anthony Zumbo III

August Birthday Dinners

The Club will be closed again this month because of the COVID-19 virus restrictions on mass gatherings. We will inform members via email when we are given directive from state officials that it is safe for the Club to reopen.

August 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 1

Would You Like to Cook for the Club?

Join our team of chefs! Call Tony Tedeschi for more information: (510) 653-9716 Ext. 353.

President’s Message

Happy 100th Anniversary!

In the midst of what is going on all over the world, I am proud that we have continued to promote and celebrate our Italian culture and traditions for 100 years.  I stand together with our board and all our members and officers to usher in the start of a new 100 years.  

Although this pandemic has forced us to close the Club for several months and bring our anniversary plans to a screeching halt, as I have said in my last few president’s messages, having to stay home has allowed us to appreciate what we often take for granted. Our health and family are the most precious gifts that we have. Still, I am sure that you would agree with me in looking forward to the time when we can reopen the Club and again enjoy the friendships and good times that we have at the Club.

One way to keep the story of the Colombo Club alive is to go to the website and click on merchandise and proudly purchase the 100th anniversary shirts, masks, and the many other items that the Club has to offer.   While the Club is not currently able during the shutdown to produce our traditional outstanding Italian food, one way to support the Club is to purchase items.  Not many clubs in the world have a logo that is recognized by many.  I wear the logo and get so many comments, which gives me the opportunity to speak of the Club and our history.  Speaking of history, if you have not yet purchased the 100th anniversary book, do it now.  Show your support by buying the book and learning all the history of the Club from day one to present.  Thanks to John Penna’s and Rich Puppione’s tireless effort as historians, we have a wonderful time capsule of photos, documents and historical accounts that will give you a picture of what life was like for the founders of the Club and the Colombo Club’s 100 year mission to preserve and celebrate Italian cultural traditions, customs and heritage. I take a pause to remember our friend John Penna.  John spent many hours at the Club.  He worked as a cook, a president, board member and finally the club historian, compiling most of the information we now have displayed in the Isabella Room. 

This month was going to be a celebration that all would have remembered for many years.  Now this celebration will be postponed till this time next year.  We had many exciting events to bring you this month to celebrate the Colombo Club, but we now have a year to celebrate the 100 years. Thanks to all of you for your continued support of the Club.  Your patience will be rewarded when we celebrate together in the near future.

Celebrare Cento Anni,

Nick Nicora, President
nnicora@comcast. net

Colombo Club Auxiliary President’s Message

could be forever changed by an unknown virus.  Every day I look around, usually through fogged glasses (due to my new accessory–my face mask) and see neighborhood businesses that are closing, playgrounds closed, schools not being readied for the upcoming school year, neighborhoods crowed with parked vehicles 24 hours a day and people honoring the shelter in place policy.

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time if one only remembers to turn on the light.  (Quote from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkubon)

I have spent this summer tending to my small vegetable garden.  I discovered that with a little attention and good chicken manure, we can provide our neighbors with bountiful tomatoes, zucchini and lemon cucumbers along with a variety of herbs.  Instead of enjoying these foods at a community table, I leave them on their door steps and they thank me from 6 feet away.

I remember when I was a little girl my Nono had a beautiful and plentiful garden that you had to be invited into. With salt shaker in hand and a freshly picked tomato, how much better could it get?  So as I sit in my backyard during shelter in place I reflect on family times past and present trying to remember family recipes, catching up with friends and family on Zoom calls, text messaging, Facebook or good old phone calls.  We all miss seeing each other and sharing our great Colombo Club meals. These events will all reappear in altered forms. Change, good or perceived bad, is the order for now. 

We must remember to be kind to each other and to respect one another for our differences.  No matter how many times I say it, I miss all of you.  I love being part of our Italian community.  By the grace of God this difficult chapter will teach us how durable and resilient we are.

The secret to living longer is eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure. (Tibetan Proverb)

Fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo

Sylvia Jesuit, Colombo Club Auxiliary President

In Memoriam

Joseph F. Gottardi

Member since 2013

Joseph Cordero

Member since 2016

 Ron Dallimonte

Member since 2009

Sunshine Corner

Our condolences to the families of Joseph Gottardi, who passed away in July, Joseph Cordero and Ron Dallimonti, who passed in August. Joe was an active Club volunteer in past years – working at the Club Bocce Tournaments and annual Italian Club picnics.

Ruth Trombetta, Past President of the Colombo Club Auxiliary for 1966-67 and widow of Colombo Club Past President for 1965-66, Charles Trombetta, Jr., passed away in July. 

If you know of a member who is ill or passed away, please let Gordon Bowman,Sunshine Chair know. Call him at (925) 449-5549.  

August 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 2

Club Store Open! August 19 & August 22 from 10 am – 3 pm 

While supplies last, the Club Store, located at the Colombo Club, is offering Cases of Di Lorenzo Sangiovese Red Wine from Puglia, Italy for $75/case and the Club’s Cent Anni Book. You can also purchase special 100-year anniversary  Club merchandise such as: Cent Anni polo shirts, jackets, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, masks, etc. All proceeds go to support the Colombo Club during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This merchandise is also available on our new website at www.thecolomboclub.org..

Welcome New Members!

The Club brought in 32 new members at the Club’s July 7th virtual Board Meeting:   Alexander Amoroso, Sean Ancelet, Anthony Bartenetti, Robert Biczek, Jimmy Blythe, Robert Carini, Dave Cecaci, Ron Cecaci, Sr., Steven J. Cecaci, David Conti, Mark Cordone, Julio Corral, Richard Doppie, Clifford Drescher, Jonathan Drescher, Mike Estanol, Jon Feldhammer, Jim Gilchrist, Neil Bruce Goodhue, Matthew Guichard, Michael Henning, Charleston Ingrao, Joseph Iovino, Eric James Italiano, Peter Marigonda, Marco Moroyoqui, Andew Peritore, Patrick Ramsey, Anthony Scotto, Ron Stansbury, Lincoln Strong and Sandy Vergano.  Please give these gents a Colombo Club welcome when you see them!

Volunteers Who Work Behind the Scenes

I want to recognize a few more members who work behind the scenes in maintaining the Club.  

The outside landscaping is maintained by Kevin Murphy a member since 2010. Kevin pulls the weeds, waters, trims and prunes the bushes in front of the Club.  He does this twice a month.  Without his care the Club would not have the landscaping out front. 

Another member who volunteers and helps out when he can is David Hunt a member since 2010.  David is a professional painter and many times he has volunteered his services. Recently he painted the two bathrooms in the Isabella room.

Lastly I want to recognize Nick Michael, a member since 2009. Nick is an electrician and he is there whenever we need him.   

I want to thank Kevin, David and Nick for their time and commitment to the Club.   

Cyril Bonanno, Chairman 

cyrilb1@comcast.net,  (925) 202-9576

August 2020 Colombo Club Newsletter 3

The Club’s New Website

When Club member Gregory Motta of Motta Industries said, “I promise the largest Italian-American social club will also have the best website west of the Mississippi to match.” little did we know how fantastic the site would be!  If you haven’t taken a look lately, you are in for a real treat (www.thecolomboclub.com).  Our appreciation to Gregory and the rest of the Colombo Club website committee (John Nardi, John Mazibrook, Nick Nicora and Carole Lucido, Lucido Marketing) for their expertise, time and hard work!

This Month in Club History

The Colombo Club Anniversaries Throughout the Years

by Rich Puppione, Club Historian

On  August 29, 1922, the Club paid $7.87 to launder linens after the anniversary banquet. Money was very tight, so the members decided not to pass the resolution to pay the people who washed the dishes after anniversary banquet at $2.50 each.

In 1952, the date of the anniversary dinner was changed to September 14 to accommodate the hunters.

In 1958, at the 38th annual anniversary dinner, a plaque was unveiled that had the names of all the charter members. The plaque now hangs in the Isabella Room.

On August 23, 1960, 600 people attended the Club’s 40th anniversary including the five remaining charter members John Goria, Carlo Pastrone, Tom Basso, Charles Merlone and Vittorio Cafasso.

In 1970, Felix Chialvo of the Oakland City Council served as master of ceremonies for the 50th anniversary. The Claremont Press Telegraph reported: “Following the banquet, dancing in the newly decorated ballroom concluded the 50th birthday party of the Colombo Club of Oakland. A party that will be remembered in the Club’s book of records as one that was preceded by many weeks of preparation; many, many volunteer hours of painting, decorating, papering, cooking, writing, telephoning, polishing, pressing, and one that was a highly successful and enjoyable affair and outstanding achievement for other organizations of the community to look up to.”  President Al Giordano said, “Our Golden Anniversary Celebration salutes our past and gives us hope for the future.”

The menu for the 63rd Anniversary on August 20, 1983, featured tortellini and sirloin tip roast. The band for that evening was Buzzy’s Orchestra. The cost was $7.50 for members and $9 for guests.

In 1985, the Piedmont Oakland Bulletin reported, “Coming up this month will be the Colombo Club 65th Anniversary and Dance. Anyone residing within several blocks of the Club will most likely feel an increase in the temperature in the neighborhood, as the members and guests radiate the collective warmth that comes from being a part of the proud heritage of the Colombo Club.”

In 1995, at the Club’s 75th anniversary, President Lou Giachino said, “We are here tonight to not only register the passing of time, but rather to remember and honor our founders and rejoice in the many achievements by our Club during the past 75 years, which have brought honor to the Italian American community.”

At the 90th Anniversary celebration there was, however, a mix up with the seating. Because of an illness to a family member, the seating arrangements for the anniversary dinner were not delivered to the Club. First Vice President Tony Tedeschi and Chairman of the Board David Urbanus anxiously waited on the front steps of the Club for the seating chart to be delivered before the start of the dinner. When it was determined that the seating chart would not be coming, President Puppione asked the sold-out crowd to cooperate and find their own seats downstairs. The attendees were asked to make sure to leave room so that groups that wanted to sit together could sit together. Unbelievably, it all worked out for the best, and everyone had a great time.

In 2015, the Club celebrated its 95th Anniversary in a sold-out dining room. The dinner menu included tortellini and prime rib. There was an ice sculpture in the shape of the Colombo Club emblem and each attendee was allowed to take home a souvenir commemorative Colombo Club wine glass.

We look forward to celebrating the Club’s 100th Anniversary when we are able to reopen the Club.

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