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Board Chairman’s Message: August 2022

Snapshot in to the Club Finances We have all been impacted by the current increase in costs in every aspect of living, and the Club has not been exempt. The cost of food and liquor increase almost monthly. Utilities, garbage pick up, delivery charges and some vendors demanding payment upon delivery of their products are […]

Board Chairman’s Message: July 2022

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY we are looking for someone to step in as Corresponding Secretary. Duties of the position include keeping the Club roster current, processing new member applications and assisting with new member orientation. Another key component is sending out the billing for club dues. We are anticipating sending out future billing via email to simplify […]

Board Chairman’s Message: April 2022

As many of you know Tony Tedeschi, House Manager, has been ill. At the March Board meeting the Board appointed John Mazibrook as temporary House Manager. John was past president and is currently on the Board. John also oversees prepaid events. We are currently looking for someone to assist John with prepaid events. If you […]

Board Chairman’s message: December 2021

As we come to the end of another challenging year, I want to thank the members who continue to support the Club. We implemented Covid protocols and those members and guests who have come to events have been very supportive of this decision. I want to thank Chris Brady, Financial Secretary, who is stepping away […]

Board Chairman’s message: September 2021

As we are sure that you are already aware, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the fast-spreading new variant cases have been increasing daily in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. For the health and safety of all our members, the Board of Directors of the Colombo Club has made the difficult decision to again cancel all […]

Message from the Board Chairman: April 2021

I would like to acknowledge Lynne Kessler. I don’t know how many of our members know her name. Lynne Kessler has worked tirelessly for the Club for over 20 years, mainly as a volunteer and a person behind the scenes who has been an invaluable asset to the Club. She started out as volunteer on […]

Board Chairman’s Message: Dec 2020

The Board decided that the dues for 2021 will remain the same, $180 for the coming year. We know not much has gone on since March, but we hope you will continue to support the Club. Your dues will go to paying the monthly expenses. It is only $15 a month to belong to the […]

Board Chairman’s Message: Oct 2020

As the Club enters its seventh month of closure, I want to update you on recent decisions by the Board of Directors. The board continues to meet monthly either through Zoom conferencing or in person. We review the monthly expenditures and continue to look at ways to reduce costs. Workers compensation costs have been reduced […]

Board Chairman’s Message: Aug 2020

Volunteers Who Work Behind the Scenes I want to recognize a few more members who work behind the scenes in maintaining the Club. The outside landscaping is maintained by Kevin Murphy a member since 2010. Kevin pulls the weeds, waters, trims and prunes the bushes in front of the Club. He does this twice a […]

Board Chairman’s Message: July 2020

We are now entering the fifth month of the club being closed. Just like managing your budget at home, the Club must do the same. During these uncertain times we have made every effort to reduce our fixed costs. We have cut staff back to a bare minimum. Before I review with you the Club […]