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Auxiliary President’s Message: September 2022

This is a very difficult time for me. My beloved sister Gloria Baff passed away unexpectedly. She was not only my dear sister but my best friend. She was an active member of our Women’s Auxiliary and a past Board Member. My sister was a homemaker, a scout leader, religious education teacher, and driver to […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: August 2022

I do hope that everyone had a safe and fun celebration of America’s independence. The Chicago shooting really made me stop and remember our family outings and how we had to only plan for a lot of great picnic food, beverages and a first aide kit for bee stings, scraps and ointment for minor burns […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: July 2022

Here we are looking at the middle of summer. I know how disappointed we all were when our May Sunday dinner was canceled. This COVID thing is getting old, and yet new cases are increasing at alarming rates, please be safe and those of us in Alameda County must wear masks in public places. I […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: May 2022

WOW, we held our first auxiliary meeting since February 2020, and it felt like coming home. We started an hour earlier, we had security watching over us in the parking lot and we finished before 7:00 pm. It felt great seeing some of our members in person. We also had several members use our Zoom […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: April 2022

HALLELUJAH, it actually looks like Colombo Club Women’s Auxiliary is planning events for 2022. I realize that there are still doubts about safety, but with the completion of our immunization, our safety is not guaranteed, but it should allow us to begin letting real life back into our lives. We have actually planned our first […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: March 2022

Let’s hope the luck of the Irish will shine on the Colombo Club Auxiliary activities for the rest of 2022. I was looking forward to the aroma of corned beef and cabbage coming from the CC dinning room, but it looks like it will be coming from our own kitchens. Our board will meet soon […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: February 2022

February 2022 and COVID is still hanging around limiting our activities. February 2020 was the Auxiliary’s last dinner. I don’t think we had heard of the C word yet. If we had, we would have a sold-out crowd. From now on, the lesson we should learn is to support as many Colombo Club activities as […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: December 2021

Here is the blessed season already. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and all the wonderful glad tidings it brings. Not only do we enjoy all the love and happiness that Christmas brings, but this year we will celebrate with family and friends around us (as long as we are all safe). Also, the […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: November 2021

Beautiful fall with gorgeous weather, colorful foliage and delicious cooking aromas coming from the kitchen. My mother would be making Italian sauces, stews, brodo and fresh bread and of course with November comes all the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving cooking. This Thanksgiving we have a lot be thankful for. Last year we were in a […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: October 2021

Well, here we go again. We had planned on all the Women’s Auxiliary being together for an October in person meeting, but it will be held in spirit rather than in person. It looks as if the club will remain closed until further notice. We sure miss the delicious food and Italian comradery. My message […]