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Aux President’s Message: October 2020

Summer is over and what tales we will recall.  I now have an extensive collection of protective face masks, one for almost every outfit.  Of course, most outfits consist of shorts, shirts, casual slacks or jeans.  No reason to dress up because there are no places to go.  

We all sat back and contemplated what we could do under our limited guidelines.  We created our “bubble” of friends that we could socially distance with.   The major thing that I discovered is that everything can change so quickly.  If we do not embrace change and try and see the benefits of change, we will always be kept in that “bubble.”  We talk about how this pandemic has brought family and limited friends closer, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to be part of one huge family Colombo Club dinner?

We probably work harder now being home. Small irritating events do not seem insurmountable next to this virus.  I just feel that we together will find the answers.  Through all this confusion we must not forget CHANGE is good and sometimes we need to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes.

Just think of how the final result of Christopher Columbus’ voyage was completely different than what he set out for. Yet due to his perseverance and strong Italian heritage, his journey was successful and helped pave the beginnings of the Colombo Club.

Let’s pray that we have learned the skills to listen with empathy and respect and embrace the positive results of change.

Che Dio ci benedica e ci protegga.

Sylvia Jesuit
Colombo Club Auxiliary President

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