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It has been quite a summer. First of all, the never-ending virus. The uncertainty of being able to make any kind of plans. Once you find friends who feel safe enough to even tempt social distancing, then to find a place to social distance. Really? A virtual baby shower, a wedding by Zoom and a funeral where you cannot share your grief with those mourning. Now, I have a friend going in for surgery who cannot have any emotional support. She will be dropped off by herself, and with a phone call, she will be picked up. No hugs, kisses or hand holding.

We have lost so much. No longer can we take so many things for granted. We can’t just assume that restaurants we love will be open. We can’t go to church to worship with our fellow parishioners. Then I thought, we haven’t been together for meetings since February. We haven’t shared dinners together also since February. I remember a number of times that I had to talk myself into going to an Auxiliary dinner because I didn’t necessarily like the menu. Now, I will truly enjoy a meeting together, sharing a Spuntino with new members and sharing a wonderful Italian meal no matter the menu.

What I have realized is not to take anything for granted. We should be excited to attend meetings that help us celebrate our Italian heritage. Meetings that develop new ideas to expand our Club and bring new members and help us raise funds for our charities. We should celebrate our Italian friends and think of new ways to enjoy spending time together. We should be proud of being part of the 100-year history of the Colombo Club. So, I feel we should all look to the future and be active with new ideas to promote our Auxiliary. When needed, we should volunteer and serve.

Our 100-year history is just that – history, but this year will bring change that we could never have imagined. So, let us embrace positive change. Let’s appreciate our heritage and history and come out stronger. Let’s not leave our future for other people to create, but let’s be right there to help advance our Club.

I, for one, cannot wait until we all meet again under healthy, happy circumstances.

Love knows no limits and true friendships last a lifetime. May the history of the Colombo Club and the Auxiliary last another 100 years strong as we go with true friendships.

Dio ti benedica e ti peotegga.

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