Auxiliary President’s Message: April 2021

April showers bring May flowers – vaccinations bring protection and safer times which should provide some greatly-needed normality to our sheltered lives. Can’t you see us meeting at the Colombo Club for our auxiliary meetings and attending our long lost wonderful auxiliary dinners.

Hopefully, these difficult times have taught us many lessons. We have learned to be kinder – taking time to say a kind word or perform a selfless kind deed for someone. We have learned to tolerate situations that prior to Covid, we have thought them intolerable. We have adjusted to uncomfortable living situations – masks, cold takeout food not prepared to our liking and eating outside bundled up like snow people.

We can now meet for lunches indoors. We can enjoy Spring and each bright flower that comes with the new beginning of hope.

Put away our heavy coats and scarves that kept us warm while trying to eat outside. Bring on the happy feeling of being together in person and discussing happy life events. Once this crisis is somewhat under control, we can go to a ball game, a movie, a musical concert, shopping in a grocery store or to an indoor religious service.

I am actually looking forward to getting my vaccine shot WOW. We can look at these horrid events in the past year and appreciate the good gentle thoughtful acts that have been nurtured during this time. Spring has sprung and our lives are opening to sunshine and flowers. Che Dio ci protegga.

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