HALLELUJAH, it actually looks like Colombo Club Women’s Auxiliary is planning events for 2022. I realize that there are still doubts about safety, but with the completion of our immunization, our safety is not guaranteed, but it should allow us to begin letting real life back into our lives.

We have actually planned our first general meeting for the Auxiliary for April 6th @ 6 pm. We will offer a Zoom connection for anyone who would like to use this alternative communication for attending the meeting, although, an in- person meeting would allow us to see each other in the flesh. We are also planning a dinner for May. Details are being worked through and will follow as soon as possible. The cost of course will be increased, but only to cover the expenses. It is imperative that member participation (which includes inviting guests) is necessary. The incentive ticket sales are our main fund raiser to support our charitable contributions.

On a very sad note, please remember our wonderful Frances Bienati in our thoughts and prayers. I’m sure you know she lost her loving husband Frank. Our love to you Fran. So here we are at a bright and hopeful threshold. The last two and a half years have tested our lives, our families and our friends. Hopefully, they have helped us become better, happier, more patient and loving people. Let’s plan on attending our meetings and support our dinners. We can enjoy the aroma of Italian food at the Colombo Club once again.


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