Auxiliary President’s Message: Aug 2020

Who would have ever imagined that our lives could be forever changed by an unknown virus. Every day I look around, usually through fogged glasses (due to my new accessory–my face mask) and see neighborhood businesses that are closing, playgrounds closed, schools not being readied for the upcoming school year, neighborhoods crowed with parked vehicles 24 hours a day and people honoring the shelter in place policy.

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

– From the film “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkubon”

I have spent this summer tending to my small vegetable garden. I discovered that with a little attention and good chicken manure, we can provide our neighbors with bountiful tomatoes, zucchini and lemon cucumbers along with a variety of herbs. Instead of enjoying these foods at a community table, I leave them on their door steps and they thank me from 6 feet away.

I remember when I was a little girl my Nono had a beautiful and plentiful garden that you had to be invited into. With salt shaker in hand and a freshly picked tomato, how much better could it get? So as I sit in my backyard during shelter in place I reflect on family times past and present trying to remember family recipes, catching up with friends and family on Zoom calls, text messaging, Facebook or good old phone calls. We all miss seeing each other and sharing our great Colombo Club meals. These events will all reappear in altered forms. Change, good or perceived bad, is the order for now.

We must remember to be kind to each other and to respect one another for our differences. No matter how many times I say it, I miss all of you. I love being part of our Italian community. By the grace of God this difficult chapter will teach us how durable and resilient we are.

The secret to living longer is eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure. (Tibetan Proverb)

Fino a quando ci incontriamo di nuovo

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