April 15, 2023 Lobster Feed Tickets are on sale now!


We are starting to see bright rays of light through the COVID clouds. July brought in new freedom of movement and plans for auxiliary meetings and potential dinners coming soon. It looks promising.

The board approved our funding for all five of our charities which of course fulfills one of clubs’ mission statements. Hopefully, with the completion of our Heritage and Italian Cookbook sales (available for Christmas shopping), we will continue funding these important charities.

It feels so good to be able to make plans for all of us to finally get together. Our first meeting at the club will be October. It is so important to be active in our club. Please attend our meetings, bring in new ideas to make our club exciting and informative. I for one am thrilled to attend our first fun-filled and delicious polenta dinner scheduled for February.

We still need to be kind to each other. Volunteer your energies and participate in our club events. This COVID experience has seen the good get better and the bad get worse. Let us continue to show that we Italians will lead the way for the good in people. Let us rise above the norm and be the best friends, the best partners, and the best relatives we can. Let us show how we can be the friendliest and most caring and of course the best cooks.So, celebrate the Colombo Club’s 100+1 anniversary. Let’s attend meetings and events and buy our upcoming Italian cookbook.

As always, let us celebrate each other. Show respect even to people who don’t deserve it, not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of ours.

Dio benedica tutti noi

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