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I do hope that everyone had a safe and fun celebration of America’s independence. The Chicago shooting really made me stop and remember our family outings and how we had to only plan for a lot of great picnic food, beverages and a first aide kit for bee stings, scraps and ointment for minor burns caused from the red hot sparkler wires. Those innocent people in that parade will never feel the joy of family celebration. My thoughts are how thankful I am for such a feeling of family love and safety. Let’s pray that guidance will come to restore our faith in love, family, God, and great Italian food.

I am so looking forward to our Auxiliary’s first dinner which we will be sharing with the men for a wonderful night polenta, chicken, and sausage with Fran Bienati as our chair. Beautiful Saturday dinner in October with great food, fun games, and prizes.

Have a wonder rest of Summer. Be safe and see all of you in October.

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