April 15, 2023 Lobster Feed Tickets are on sale now!


Here is the blessed season already. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and all the wonderful glad tidings it brings. Not only do we enjoy all the love and happiness that Christmas brings, but this year we will celebrate with family and friends around us (as long as we are all safe). Also, the Colombo Club will finally celebrate its 100+1 anniversary. The Club will also celebrate 70 years in its Claremont location. The Women’s Auxiliary of the Colombo Club is proud to celebrate its 85th anniversary. WOW what great accomplishments. These two associations and their successful longevity are events that we should be extremely proud of and share with many generations to come. Covid has had one good thing come out of its tragedy, it has made me realize the importance of family and friends, freedom and the comradery of the Colombo Club. This season we are blessed with the fact that the Colombo Club is celebrating its 100+1 anniversary with a grand dinner in the club’s dining room. We will celebrate cheerfully this holy and joyous season. With the vaccine and now the booster, 2022 should be a fully open year for all of us to celebrate at the Club with our friends and family. Please celebrate with warm hearts and thankfulness for all of our blessings. Deo vi benedica tutti Buon Natale

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