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February 2022 and COVID is still hanging around limiting our activities. February 2020 was the Auxiliary’s last dinner. I don’t think we had heard of the C word yet. If we had, we would have a sold-out crowd. From now on, the lesson we should learn is to support as many Colombo Club activities as we can. I truly felt that we would be able to celebrate with our popular polenta dinner. Everyone seems to love the Italian games and the singing. A lot of people got a year’s supply of salami from winning some of the games.

As I am writing this article, I am one of the thousands suffering from the effects of breakthrough Covid. Thank God I am inoculated so I am just irritable and lethargic and stuck in my home for awhile. I keep finding projects to do but I don’t have the energy to do them. Anyway, I considered myself careful about Covid protocol, so, please be careful, and if you haven’t gotten all your shots GET THEM.

My message is sad but true, we don’t have any plans for near future events for the Women’s Auxiliary. We are praying for late spring. We all want to get together, but under healthy guidelines. I would really love to see everyone’s lovely and handsome faces and be able to say, “pass the pasta please.”

La primavera e nell’aria.

Dio ci protegga

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