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Auxiliary President’s Message: January 2021

Happy 2021. We survived the trying year 2020 and on to hopefully happier and healthier times.

It was a year that taught us how strong we are. It certainly put us through the paces though. It was full of surprises good and bad but it made me realize the importance of expressing yourself with friends and family without the usual hugs and kisses.

I recently had a birthday, and it was warmly celebrated with my bubble of friends and family. You know the most touching part was the birthday cards I received. I could tell they were chosen with true feelings. I got my share of age-related cards, but most were chosen for sentiment. They made me realize that COVID has for the most part made us truly express ourselves.

Well, the vaccine is close and implementing, if is successful would mean that our Colombo Club lives could in some part return. Remember the wonderful aroma as we found our way down the stairs to the dining hall. Our taste buds coming to life. With great anticipation we listened as Tony called out the winning numbers to see what great raffle prizes we won.

We will experience these great moments again as 2021 holds promise, love and good will.So, here is to our survival of 2020 and here is to great expectations for 2021.I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

Un anno di nuove benedizioni.

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