April 15, 2023 Lobster Feed Tickets are on sale now!


Let’s make this a relatively new beginning of health and activity. Let’s get the Italian party started (as long as it’s safe).

The 100+1 Anniversary dinner with over 400 people, dancing and fabulous food was a great, healthy success. It gave me the motivation of getting our women’s dinners on the planning table. Hopefully, we can look positively at a February polenta dinner.

Keep up with the boosters and masks and say a prayer that we can proceed in a positive direction. The holidays are so much more cheerful than 2020. The lights are brighter, and people have smiling faces behind their masks. Christmas was happier with more friends and family celebrating together.

I miss our gatherings and the great food at the Club. I especially miss the sound of all the Italian voices rising together in a crescendo in the CC dining room.

Be kind to each other and patient. Give a stranger a positive word or compliment. Let someone into traffic. Thank someone who let you into traffic. Thank someone for a kindness that they have shown you. Smile and give hugs when appropriate and be good to yourself. Let’s smile about our good times ahead in 2022.

Wishing you peace, love, and joy throughout 2022.

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