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Life has changed for all of us. Our Colombo Club activities are missing from our lives, and I for one feel a large void. Being an Italian has always meant greeting familia with warm hugs and usually kisses. As I grew up, I was a little taken back when hugs and kisses were not the norm greeting.

Joining the Colombo Club Auxiliary brought back that warm Italian greeting to me. Now, we wear masks, use elbow bumps to our cloistered family and friends, zoom meetings, text messages and emails, not to mention our six feet social distancing. What has become of our Italian warmth? Well, what we have discovered is our warmth and caring is being carried out by our members who work with the people who have contracted COVID-19. They work knowing their lives and their loved one’s lives are in harms way – because they are devoted healthcare workers. We have members delivering food and meals to people who need assistance. Also, we are calling members to check on their well being. In fact, we are sending our warm hugs and kisses in a safer form, but still letting people know the warmth that we, as Italians, have experienced.

We are all working hard to adjust to our new roles and rules, but hasn’t it been refreshing to shelter in place and use this time to prepare home-cooked meals. We seem to be filling up our gas tanks maybe once a month. We take the time to see the beautiful clear sky and smell the sweet orange and lemon blossoms. Have you noticed that all the little critters are also enjoying the slower, cleaner pace we have grown accustomed to? I realize that we need to get back to work but let us not forget that if we help each other with kindness, distant hugs, and mind kisses that we are warm generous people.

Let us all pray that this horrendous pandemic is tamed and eradicated. I for one miss seeing my Italian family and the hugs and kisses that we share.

Baci e abbracci, Dio ti benedica

Sylvia Jesuit
Colombo Club Auxiliary President

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