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My mother always told me that we (Italians) are a strong, resilient people.  She then would go into details of how my grandparents persevered through the long arduous journey from Italy to Illinois where my Nonno found work.  For several years he would travel back and forth from Illinois to Italy.  When they saved enough money to establish a new home, my grandparents moved the family to the United States. They gave up all they knew in Italy to establish a fresh and hopeful life.  

Here we are presently in a challenging chapter of our lives. The struggle may not be as intense, but it is still a test of our resilience and resolve.  Just like my Nonno along with thousands of other immigrants, our first instinct is to protect our families and to build a community that cares about each other. This is a time we are not only concerned about our current health and economic situation, but we must watch out for each other.  The Colombo Club Women’s Auxiliary has made an effort to contact all of our members to say hello and check on their welfare.  Also, let them know how important they are to our Italian family.

Our May activities are still pending our shelter in place orders.  We miss our wonderful Italian comaraderie and the delicious food we share at our Colombo Club dinners.

Remember we are a strong and resilient people who love our famiglia and we protect and love each other.

Rimanere in salute and may God keep us safe.

Sylvia Jesuit
Colombo Club Auxiliary President

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