Beautiful fall with gorgeous weather, colorful foliage and delicious cooking aromas coming from the kitchen. My mother would be making Italian sauces, stews, brodo and fresh bread and of course with November comes all the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving cooking.

This Thanksgiving we have a lot be thankful for. Last year we were in a COVID quarantine, but the vaccine was just coming to our rescue. All activities except with close family and friends was not recommended. We were getting used to wearing our masks. No shopping as usual or going out to indoor dinning. No in- person baseball, football, or basketball games. Life was somewhat frozen. I remember standing in line to get into the grocery store because they were limiting the number of people in the building. Oh, you got excited if the paper product shelves had products to buy. The Colombo Club was closed to all activities.

Here we are one year later and most of us have had our vaccines and now getting ready to get a booster to further protect us. We wear our masks to help us, and others, keep healthy. We can go shopping without too many restrictions. We can eat in restaurants inside or out and we can gather with family and friends if we are protected by the vaccine and wear our masks.

Here is a time of thanksgiving for mankind finding a protection against a killer virus. This enables us to hug our protected family and friends. We have freedom of moving around freely with proof of being vaccinated.

The Colombo Club’s 100+1 anniversary dinner is around the corner on December 4th. Hopefully, this will be an excellent time to celebrate the Club’s longevity and its mission to keep our wonderful Italian heritage alive.

Colombo Club Auxiliary President’s Message Sunshine CornerOur best wishes to Frances Bienati for a speedy recovery from her recent hip surgery. If you know of a member who is ill or passed away, please let Gordon Bowman, Sunshine Chair know. Call him at (925) 449-5499. Some of us are still leery about catching the virus in a crowded environment, but with the vaccine and the booster we can all feel as safe as possible and we can resume our Italian celebrations at the Colombo Club.

Ti auguro un Ringraziamento sicuro, felice e Benedetto.

Che il Signore ci riunisca presto

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