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The Auxiliary congratulates the Colombo Club men on their recent 99th Anniversary on August 17, 2019. The dinner celebration was a lovely event.

On July 27, the Italian American Federation selected their Queen for the year 2020. Erica Del Vigna, who was sponsored by the Colombo Club and CC Auxiliary, was chosen by three judges, who were not part of any the Italian clubs. Her court includes four princesses from other clubs: Hannah Mattioda, Riley Accurso, Mary Mittone, and Tayler Hunterburg. Congratulations to the Queen and her Court.

Mindee Lilley, our current queen, has done a fabulous job. She has attended all the Club anniversaries, so far. She is a beautiful example of what an IAF Queen should represent. The Colombo Club and CC Auxiliary were honored to have sponsored her.

The Italian Clubs Picnic will take place on August 31, 2019 at the Martinez Marina. This is located behind the Bocce Ball courts. Gates open at 9 am. Come early for close parking.

Our Back to School dinner is planned for September 19, 2019. The chairs have planned a delicious dinner. This year’s chair is Jean Inferrera and Co-chair: Lucille Barengo. The menu includes salad, ravioli, roasted chicken, vegetables, dessert coffee and wine. Dinner prices are $23 members, $26 guests, $13 children age 12 & under, and age 5 & under free. See the flyer here. Call Yvonne for reservations at (510) 531-2429.

As we come to the end of summer, we look forward to the fall. Children return to school hopefully eager to start a new school year. May the school children of all our members have a wonderful year.

Please join us for our next General Meeting on September 18, at 7 pm in the Isabella Room.

Happy fall!
Yvonne Guidi-Evans, Colombo Club Auxiliary President

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