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It’s September already. The weather is changing, foliage is turning into fall colors and a wardrobe change for us. Soon the Christmas decorations will be appearing even before Halloween is here. Hopefully, we will be enjoying the beginning of our rainy season.

It’s amazing how we respond to life’s events. We are still feeling the terrible results of COVID, but we have adjusted the best we can. I hear so many arguments (some angry) about wearing masks and getting vaccinated. Frankly, I feel that a mask protects me from other’s germ-filled sneezes and coughs. I also feel I’m keeping my germs contained to me. We as Italians are also protecting others from our garlic and onion breath. Wearing a mask in public is a sign of respect not only for other people, but also for ourselves. I know most of us want to get back to our Colombo Club activities, but we want to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible.

During the great European immigration to America, our Italian families coming from Italy had to learn new customs, new laws new foods and a new language. Yet, conforming to new ways and a new life they never lost the wonderful customs that brought – the love of family and delicious food. They came to bring strength and protection for their families. We now must not feel that we are giving up any freedoms but trying to provide additional protection for ourselves and the people we love.

It is not a sure thing that we will not get COVID but look at the deadly numbers before the vaccine and mask wearing requirements. Numbers are real. This is not a political fight, it is a matter of surviving the best way we can.

So, before we meet again at the Club, we must have our shots and wear masks where required. After all, we Italians are strong and intelligent and survivors just like our immigrant relatives who fought for their American life.

Amiamoci e respettiamoci l’un e’altro.

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