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This is a very difficult time for me. My beloved sister Gloria Baff passed away unexpectedly.

Auxiliary President’s Message: September 2022 1
Gloria Baff

She was not only my dear sister but my best friend. She was an active member of our Women’s Auxiliary and a past Board Member. My sister was a homemaker, a scout leader, religious education teacher, and driver to her kids activities. Gloria had a beautiful voice that she shared singing in church choirs as well as with a group of friends in Albuquerque called the Fiesta Singers. Gloria was an active member of the Italian Woman’s Club in Albuquerque and our Colombo Club Women’s Auxiliary for many years.

Another sad note, my dear friend Vincentine Contrero passed away five days later. Better known as Vinnie, she was also an active member of the Women’s Auxiliary and a proud Italian.

My message is to be kind and loving to the people around you, you think they will always be with you.

Your heart will be full of love and great sadness but you won’t have to say, “I should have.”

Finché C’È Vita C’È Speranza

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