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Board Chair Message: August 2020

Noi non potremo avere perfetta vita senza amicii

Volunteers Who Work Behind the Scenes

I want to recognize a few more members who work behind the scenes in maintaining the Club.  

The outside landscaping is maintained by Kevin Murphy a member since 2010. Kevin pulls the weeds, waters, trims and prunes the bushes in front of the Club.  He does this twice a month.  Without his care the Club would not have the landscaping out front. 

Another member who volunteers and helps out when he can is David Hunt a member since 2010.  David is a professional painter and many times he has volunteered his services. Recently he painted the two bathrooms in the Isabella room.

Lastly I want to recognize Nick Michael, a member since 2009. Nick is an electrician and he is there whenever we need him.   

I want to thank Kevin, David and Nick for their time and commitment to the Club. 

Cyril Bonanno, Board Chairman
(925) 202-9576

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