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As the Club enters its seventh month of closure, I want to update you on recent decisions by the Board of Directors. The board continues to meet monthly either through Zoom conferencing or in person. We review the monthly expenditures and continue to look at ways to reduce costs. Workers compensation costs have been reduced by $7000 and insurance on the building reduced by $3000. These reductions were made possible simply by a reduction in staff at dinners and non use of the building.  

Help from Members in the Trades

In March we demolished the women’s restroom with anticipation of completing the remodel in April. We stopped the remodel project due to costs and decided it was not prudent to go forward, as we may need the money to pay monthly expenses. We would still like to finish the project with assistance from members. Do you have skills in plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry or tile setting?  We do not expect the work to be done for free but if you have the skills, the time and are willing to help, perhaps we might work out an agreement for the work to be done at a reduced cost. If you can help please contact Tony Ballestero, at tonyb369@comcast, phone (415) 794-9113 and he can give you the details on what is needed. 

Dues for 2021

The Board decided that the dues for 2021 will remain the same, $180 for the year. We know not much has gone on since March but we hope you will continue to support the Club. Your dues will go to paying the monthly expenses. It is only $15 a month to belong to the largest Italian club west of the Mississippi. If you are having financial difficulties and having problems with paying your dues please contact me. We don’t want to lose you as a member. This year we will be sending you your dues reminder online and not by mail. You will be able to pay online or by check. By not mailing out the dues reminder  it will save the club $500.

Free Birthday Meals

The board has decided that we cannot honor free birthday dinners from the time we closed until we reopen. We currently have over 600 outstanding free birthday dinners. Financially, we cannot honor these at this time. Please understand that decision was not easy but we are trying to do everything possible to cut corners until we reopen.          

Lastly, the crosswalk has finally gone out to bid and the council will award the bid later this year.

Cyril Bonanno, Board Chairman
(925) 202-9576

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