A tavola non si invecchia

Board Chairman’s Message: January 2020

Noi non potremo avere perfetta vita senza amicii

In November the Assembly approved changes to the Bylaws. One of the changes addressed the poor attendance at Assembly Meetings. The attendance issue is not new and has been a problem for many years. In lieu of the February Assembly meeting we encourage members to attend the Board Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday February 2nd starting at 6:30 pm in the Isabella Room. If we have enough members attending we may move the meeting downstairs.

We may also provide light refreshments if enough members attend. You must call the special events line and let us know that you will be attending (510-653-9716 press 6 in the reservation menu.)

Please call by Tuesday, January 28.

Thank you,

Cyril Bonanno,
Board Chairman

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