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When I moved to Pleasanton some 40 years ago I was approached by four men who asked me to join the Club. They became my lifelong friends. Three of them are now gone. Art Monaco, Bob Molinaro and Tony and Angelo Cavestri and I would go down to the Club on the first Birthday Dinner and sit at the H table. For many years the Club had only one birthday dinner each month.  As a member you were expected to volunteer. Twice a year Norm Deming, the head waiter, would call us and we would wait on tables.  We ate with the cooks before we set the tables and we had a great time. We always had a competition on who would get the most tips. If I recall, Bob always received the most tips.  It was agreed upon that we would donate our tips to the Christmas fund. Angelo was an electrician and did most of the work at the Club (as a volunteer). Angelo always sat at H-1 on the H table. He was always served first as an appreciation for all he did for the Club. When Angelo passed none of us wanted to sit at seat H-1. Now with three birthday dinners and all the other events at the Club, organizing volunteers to wait tables would be too difficult to manage. Now everyone is paid.  One thing that has not changed since I joined the Club is the importance of volunteers. We could not exist without them. In the next couple of bulletins we are going to highlight some of the unsung heroes of the Club. Maybe after you read these stories you may want to get more involved with the Club. Call me! There are many ways you can volunteer.  

Board Chair Message: May 2020 1

The first volunteer I would like to highlight is Danny Foster. Danny has served the Club as a volunteer for over 12 years. Danny is a past Board Member and now is someone who enjoys working behind the scenes. Here are just a few of things that he does.  You know all those hundreds of raffle tickets we use at every dinner; it is Danny who sorts, separates and bundles them for us. We are so appreciative that he does this for the Club. Danny is a handyman and can always be seen at the Club when something needs to be done. You know those wonderful pizza breads that we serve and raffle off? Well it is Danny and his secret recipe who makes these for the Club. Another service Danny provides is being part of the set up committee; his job is to take a bucket of cleaning solution with hot water and wash, clean and wipe down the tables before all dinners. Finally, he places the paper on the tables and sets the right number of chairs based on the reservations. Thank you Danny for all do and for being part of the Colombo Club.  

Finally, I hope you are doing alright in these trying times! I don’t know if any of you remember the book “The Diary of Anne Frank,”  about a girl in World War II.  In the book she describes that she and seven other people hid in a 450 sq. ft. attic for 761 days quietly trying to remain undiscovered to stay alive. We must do our part to keep everyone safe and stay home for however long it takes. 

Cyril Bonanno, Chairman 
(925) 202-9576

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