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Auxiliary President’s Message: September 2022

This is a very difficult time for me. My beloved sister Gloria Baff passed away unexpectedly. She was not only my dear sister but my best friend. She was an active member of our Women’s Auxiliary and a past Board Member. My sister was a homemaker, a scout leader, religious education teacher, and driver to […]

Club President’s Message: September 2022

Hard to believe we just passed our 102 years. As always, the Anniversary dinner was an epic event – the food, dancing and most importantly the people. One thing is for sure, the Colombo Club brings out the best in family and friends. I would say that our founding fathers would be proud of how […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: August 2022

I do hope that everyone had a safe and fun celebration of America’s independence. The Chicago shooting really made me stop and remember our family outings and how we had to only plan for a lot of great picnic food, beverages and a first aide kit for bee stings, scraps and ointment for minor burns […]

Board Chairman’s Message: August 2022

Snapshot in to the Club Finances We have all been impacted by the current increase in costs in every aspect of living, and the Club has not been exempt. The cost of food and liquor increase almost monthly. Utilities, garbage pick up, delivery charges and some vendors demanding payment upon delivery of their products are […]

Club President’s Message: August 2022

July proved to be a great month for the Colombo Club. The Bocce Tournament in Martinez was fantastic and very well attended. No one walked away unhappy. The weather and the friendships created a perfect balance. Thank you Dave and John Nardi for always putting on a great event. Grazie Dave e John Nardi per […]

Board Chairman’s Message: July 2022

CORRESPONDING SECRETARY we are looking for someone to step in as Corresponding Secretary. Duties of the position include keeping the Club roster current, processing new member applications and assisting with new member orientation. Another key component is sending out the billing for club dues. We are anticipating sending out future billing via email to simplify […]

Club President’s Message: June 2022

I can feel the warmth of Summer right around the corner. This time of year always makes me happy, but also reminds how time is rushing by. Stop and smell the great food in the kitchen and remember we have great days ahead of us. Having a great day is bringing your son or sons […]

Auxiliary President’s Message: July 2022

Here we are looking at the middle of summer. I know how disappointed we all were when our May Sunday dinner was canceled. This COVID thing is getting old, and yet new cases are increasing at alarming rates, please be safe and those of us in Alameda County must wear masks in public places. I […]

Club President’s Message: July 2022

Hard to believe that we are mid-way through the 2022 year. Life was a lot slower during the covid era. The past two years were tough times. It seems that things now are as tough or tougher. Wage increases, food cost rising, government regulations all make business very hard to navigate. We are doing our […]

Club President’s Message: May 2022

There are three things that come to mind today that should make us all happy. First is the warmth in the air. Spring is always the best time of year. Second, the Club’s sold-out events. Seeing the number of people coming back to the Club is exciting and rewarding. I need to point out the […]