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Club President’s Message: April 2020

March ended in a very strange way. The Coronavirus made an unprecedented impact on the Club.  After receiving many cancellations to our normally sold out Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner, the Board of Directors led by Cyril Bonanno made the bold move to postpone the Lobster Feed and cancel the remaining birthday dinners and family dinners in March and April.  If by chance things do change, we will notify all members.  Please note that if you have a birthday in March or April the Club will honor your free birthday dinner through the end of the year. In caso di compleanno a marzo o aprile, il club onorerà la cena di compleanno gratuita a maggio e giugno. The hope is this virus will move on and we, as Club members, can move forward with our normal lives. We (I) look forward to the Club operating with its normal schedule. Stay tuned as information will be flowing through our new web site and direct email blasts. Non vediamo l’ora che il club operi secondo il normale programma. Restate informati mentre le informazioni scorreranno attraverso il nostro nuovo sito Web e le e-mail dirette.

I am looking forward to May when hopefully, we will all sit down for dinner under normal operations and feast on our Club favorite meal, Salsiccia con Peppers & Pasta/Fagioli. This meal has been a long-standing tradition thanks to Papa Joe Scalise and the Scalise Family. It will be a great way to bring our lives back to normal at the Club.  Questo pasto è una tradizione di lunga data, grazie scalare la famiglia, e sarebbe un ottimo modo per riportare la nostra vita normale al club.  If things change, we will notify you if we open in April. 

As we get closer and closer to all the events in August celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Colombo Club, I would like to emphasize the dress code. We are all owners of this great Club, and as we get closer to 100 years more and more eyeballs will be on our Club. We all need to make sure we represent this outstanding Club with the highest standards. Dressing properly reflects our honor to our founders.  Thank you to the members who adhere to our standards, and please make sure you tell your guests to dress and handle themselves at the Club with respect. 

We are very excited to reach out to our old country family and welcome to our club Friends of Isola delle Femmine. This is a first-time event for Club members. The continued association that we have with Italy is a welcome event in my mind.  This town in Italy Isola delle Femmine is an Italian town in North-Western Sicily, administratively part of the metropolitan city of Palermo. Questa città in Italia Isola delle Femmine è una città italiana nella Sicilia nord-occidentale, amministrativamente parte della città metropolitana di Palermo. Despite its name, which can be translated in English as “The Island of Women,” the town is in mainland Sicily. Originally scheduled for May, this dinner has been postponed to October 3, $75 per person starting at 5 pm for no host cocktails. The menu will include meat ravioli  and Swiss Steak followed by the Rat Pack Show. More info at www.FriendsofIsoladelleFemmine.org. 

Please make sure you all stay safe through this patch of rough water.  I know we will come out of this stronger and closer as a family than ever before.  Assicurati di stare al sicuro con questa macchia di acqua agitata. So che usciremo da questa fam

Celebrare Cento Anni

Nick Nicora

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