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Club President’s Message: May 2021

We all knew this time was going to come around sooner than later. “Fantastic, Fantastico Unbelievable, Incredibile, Wonderful, Meraviglioso” are all words to describe the pending opening of the Colombo Club. We have received reassuring news from the Alameda County Heath Dept that the club can reopen with limited seating. The Board of Directors and Officers met April 8th and set the opening date of May 20, with another dinner to follow on May 27. When confirmed, the first week of reservations only members will be allowed to attend the dinners. If the reservations do not sell out with the limited capacity, then guest will be allowed on a limited basis. Please look for an email blast to give you all the details. If we do not have your email, please call the club and leave it with us. If you do not have an email address, please go to the club’s new website to see any notifications.

There will be changes to the layout and how you enter the club, so come early. We will need to follow all County Health Guidelines. We have had a great relationship with County Health, thanks to Tony Tedeschi, and we want to keep it that way. Social distancing, and masks will be required. Please follow the rule so that all our members feel safe on their return to the club. With this great news does come some sadness as we have had 21 members pass away this past year. These are the members that we did not have remembrance at the new member induction meetings:

Bob Caya, Anthony Ferreira – Golden member, Joe Saccomnno, John Penna – Golden Member, Gino Riccardi, Raymond Razzano, Angelo Parrinella, Gilbert Presto, Henry Persoglio, Sal Riele, Frank Pappalardo – Golden Member, Joseph Gottardi, Joseph Codero, Ron Dellamotne, Mario Marinai, Raymond Foppiano – Golden Member, Edward Arri Golden Member, Sylvester DeDFasio, Steven Salvatore Cusenza, Alfanzo Lamata, Leo Croce and Leo Allamano.

Please keep all these members in your prayers and remember them when visiting the club. It is important to remember the past so we can enjoy the future. Si prega di tenere tutti questi membri nelle vostre preghiere e ricordarli quando visitate il club. È importante ricordare il passato in modo da poter godere del futuro.

As members we all have an obligation to keep our membership strong with so many passing’s we have openings for new Italian members. If you know someone that would like to join, now is the time. Applications are on the website and at the club. Se conosci qualcuno a cui vorrestiunirti, ora è il momento. We have non-Italian new members on the waiting list, but the Italian waiting list is open. I personally would like to thank everyone for their patience during the recent times we have gone through. Paying your dues, the overwhelming support of the to-go dinners helped keep the club financially healthy. I can also report that the club has never been cleaner thanks To Don Ceremello. The Colombo Club is waiting for the heart and souls of its members to pass through the doors once again and continue the traditions and friendships that have made this club one of a kind. I look forward to greeting you at the club. Il Colombo Club attende che il cuore e le suole dei suoi soci passino ancora una volta attraverso le porte e riportino la tradizione e l’amicizia che hanno reso questo club unico nel suo genere. Non vedo l’ora di salutarti al club.

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