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Club President’s Message: April 2021

Ciao, Ciao. It was last around this time last year we made the decision to close the Club. Little did we know that it would change the entire year. The loyalty of our membership has helped us through these difficult times. With your help in purchasing our take-out dinners and Club merchandise, along with sticking by us by renewing your membership, we have been able to meet the financial demands of the Club. Although our 100th anniversary celebrations had to be postponed, you can be sure that our 100 plus one anniversary celebrations will be something we all can be proud of. One thing I am sure of, the founding fathers of the Colombo Club would be proud of our desire to continue to fight our way out of this pandemic. We have continued to operate the Club with take-out dinners, hold virtual board meetings and bring in new members. The board is meeting on ways that we can reopen the Club following the county health department guidelines. We all look forward to being back downstairs and letting this past year slip away from our memory. Posso solo immaginare la sensazione di essere tornato al piano di sotto ricordando il passato e cercando di lasciarci sfuggire l’ultimo anno dalla nostra memoria.

Club President’s Message: April 2021 1
Zeppole at Mike’s Pastry

March brings us Feast Day of San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph). March 19, is also known as Father’s Day in Italy. The day, which used to be a national holiday, is traditionally celebrated with bonfires and sometimes pageants with scenes from the life of Saint Joseph. Children give gifts to their fathers on San Giuseppe Day. Zeppole, a filled doughnut-like pastry, are traditionally eaten on Saint Joseph’s Day. This year the Colombo Club celebrated a takeout dinner of roasted chicken and Pasta Pesto on March 27. Although it was not corned beef, the pasta pesto more than made up for it. In March, I also remember my father, past president, Vince Nicora who was born 1927 March 27th. He has been gone for a while now, but I still miss him, and I know he is looking down and helping me every day. Anche questo mese ricordo mio padre Vince Nicora nato il 27 marzo 1927. Se n’e’ andato da un po’, ma mi manca ancora, e so che mi guarda dall’alto in basso e mi aiuta ogni giorno.

Alameda County has moved into the red tier and has opened indoor dining at 25%. We have a plan for 25% and will be submitting it to the health department in a few weeks. As you all know we are a bit different than a normal restaurant. We need to make sure we take the health of our members to a higher standard than just making money. We are very close though. So, keep your eyes and ears open. News will be coming fast.

Dobbiamo assicurarci di portare la salute dei nostri membri a uno standard più elevato, quindi solo facendo soldi. Siamo molto vicini però. Quindi, tieni gli occhi e le orecchie aperti, le notizie verranno veloci. Now as we move into April, we hope for the blessing of resurrection of the Club with Easter joy. Looking forward to getting back to all the festivities with the families.That being said, we are planning for a few more take-out dinners. Look for our email alerts for a possible crab dinner and another one with peppers and sausage.

Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno

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