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Well things are heating up at your Colombo Club and that is not just in the kitchen. I am looking forward to April when we can sit down and feast on our club favorite meal Salsiccia con Peppers & Pasta/Fagioli. This meal has been a long-standing tradition. Thank you Scalise family. It is a great way to bring our lives back to normal at the Club. Questo pasto è una tradizione di lunga data, grazie scalare la famiglia, e sarebbe un ottimo modo per riportare la nostra vita normale al club. Make sure you get your reservations in early. Even if the message for reservations says sold out leave your name and your requested number of people as there are always cancellations.

What are the best opera songs of all time? If you’re an opera aficionado, or if you’re sitting there thinking, “I don’t know the first thing about opera,” you might be wrong. Some are used as background music for commercials and certainly for movies. Even if you think you don’t know opera, you do, sort of. Don’t miss the chance to hear, Daniel Rodriguez, American operatic tenor from New York city. He became known as “The Singing Policeman” due to his role as one of the New York City police officers designated National Anthem singers. In the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks, he received widespread attention with his rendition of “God Bless America” at memorial events and on television. This led to an offer of formal training from Plácido Domingo. Rodriguez has recorded numerous albums, and appeared as lead tenor in several operas. He regularly appears in support of his chosen charities, as well as performing a full domestic and international concert schedule. Not easy or cheap to get. Thanks to member Thomas Gallinatti, Police and Fire: The Fallen Heroes, and his support of our troops, Daniel agreed to perform at this year’s OPERA NIGHT, Saturday April 30th at the Colombo Club Opera House.

Non facile o economico da ottenere Grazie a Thomas Gallinatti Polizia e Vigili del Fuoco: The Fallen Heroes e il suo sostegno alle nostre truppe Daniel ha accettato di esibirsi a quest’anno OPERA NIGHT sabato 30 aprile al Colombo Club Opera House. You will be an aficionado after attending. Many tickets have already been sold through the website. Buy yours now. Don’t miss out.

Also just announced the Annual Golf Tournament is back at the prestigious Sequoyah Country Club on July 25th. Playing golf on a country club course is definitely a treat especially when the Colombo Club players are the only golfers on the course. Net proceeds go directly to the Club scholarship program supporting our youth on their path to college. Sign up today.

On a more somber note: Many of you know we recently lost long time Club member Frank Bienati. Frank was a special member who loved the Club and volunteered for years. He set tables, decorated the Club for special events, helped with the newsletter and did the profit and loss statements for all events just to name a few of the ways he helped the Club. He is the loving husband of Frances Bienati, the Club’s catering manager. In his honor the Club and his family would like to invite you to a memorial reception on Saturday April 2 from 12 to 3. Lunch will be provided. In order to plan for this event, we kindly request that you RSVP by Monday, March 28 to me at

I would like to thank the entire membership for following the Club’s dress code. The leadership of the Club has seen an uptick of the dress code being adhered to. This helps the Club’s image as a class act and again respects our elders. This also represents a learning experience for all of the soon to be members. The children that come to our family dinners are watching how we act and will model our actions in the future. Thank you for being a good role model to all of our youth. Founders and Frank Bienati would be proud.

Grazie per essere un buon modello per tutti i nostri giovani, i fondatori e Frank Bienati sarebbero orgogliosi Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno

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