Club President’s Message: Dec 2020

I would like to take this holiday season to have everyone place a good thought in your mind and welcome the 17 new members into the Colombo Club. It was a very enjoyable Assembly Meeting on November 17 inducting the new members. We talked a bit about the Club and where we are heading today and in 2021. In this time of crazy, we are happy to say that the Colombo Club still represents high standards. Friends and family want to become members and feel the camaraderie and the Club’s spirit. In questo periodo di follia siamo felici di dire che il Colombo Club rappresenta ancora standard elevati. Amici e familiari vogliono diventare membri e sentire il compagno e i club spirit. We are 1000 members strong with many still on our waiting list.

I look forward to speaking personally with each new member at the Club as 80% of the new members were on our Club Zoom Broadcast. Yes, the Club is well into the new world with high-tech connections to the outside world though the internet. You are now able to pay your dues online at the Club’s new website, This is quite an achievement for our 100-year club. With that in mind it would be welcome news for the membership to send in your dues for the 2021 season, as a healthy cash flow is necessary for the club to continue. It will also help out the Club if, at the time you send in your dues online, please visit the merchandise tab on the website. Check out some possible Christmas gifts like masks for safety and our anniversary wardrobe. Not only will you help the club, but it will also allow you to proudly wear our Club’s logo for all to see. Non solo aiuterà il club, ma ti farà anche indossare con orgoglio il tuo logo per tutti

Like you, I was looking forward to a great meal of sausage and peppers on Nov 21st. We had a great opportunity to enjoy a very traditional Colombo Club dinner and make money for the Club. All together, 500 people signed up for the takeout dinner, but above all we felt it was necessary to consider your health and safety in this time of a very deadly virus. Be assured that we will offer that same dinner as well as other Club favorites as soon as the Alameda County Health Department gives us the go ahead. This was a very hard decision, but in the end the right one. Having the ability to navigate through these tough times takes more than just looking for money, and with the quality leadership you have at the board level we strive for the long haul not short run.

Thanksgiving was different for all of us with some family members not being able to come together as we have done in the past, but like everything else, it is better to have another Thanksgiving next year than the possibility of loved ones not being around for it. Voglio augurare a tutti voi un Ringraziamento molto caloroso e sicuro.I want to wish you all a very warm and safe Christmas.

Spero che il tuo tutto bene.

Celebrare Cento Anni.

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