April 15, 2023 Lobster Feed Tickets are on sale now!


Sixteen new members were inducted last night at the Assembly Meeting. Welcome to:

Russell Barretta
Bruce Bondi
John Calegari
Patrick Callahan
Michael Cirimele
Matthew Crudo
Erik Emerson
Orlando Frasca
Jeff Mitchell
Scott Monaco
Michael Ramos
Michael Rodrigues
John Speakman
Donald Squaglia
Kenneth Watkins
Mark Worrell

A great start to, hopefully, the end of the pandemic. I would hope that next time we could have a few more members show up to the Assembly Meeting and Dinner, which happens only once a year. This meeting lets you know what is going on with the Club and allows for questions and ideas to be exchanged. If you get involved in the Club, you will enhance your Club experience. Fatti coinvolgere e migliora la tua esperienza di club. You do not need to commit to long hours. Helping out at our dinners, work parties, and events makes a big difference to all the people that make the Club work on a daily basis. My bad for not introducing our cooks: Rick Caula, Gerry Pittore, Joe Guerrero, Dan Foster and Ben Ratto, by name at the Assembly Dinner. They volunteered their time, and we are very grateful. We are so blessed to have these cooks working their tails off to make some of the best Italian food in the world.

The 100th + 1 Anniversary Celebration on December 4 is quickly approaching. This Anniversary Dinner will sell out. There are a few spots left, but there are a few people who have reservations for the anniversary dinners that were canceled last year that we have not heard from. You do not want to miss this one. The food is always great at the Club, but this dinner will be enhanced with a 16-piece orchestra to dance the night away. It’s hard to imagine 100 and one years ago a few men got together to have some fun and still today we continue to have the same fun. Come and celebrate with the Colombo Club family. Remember this is a dressy affair. The following dress code will be enforced: Semi formal dress code: Men: slacks & dress shirt (coat and tie preferred); Women:skirts/dresses encouraged). Codice di abbigliamento semi formale: Uomo: pantaloni e camicia (cappotto e cravatta preferiti); Donne: gonne/abiti incoraggiati).

The next time you attend an event at the Club, you will notice some changes to our upgraded restrooms, upgraded Wifi, a new sound system and a cashless ticketing system – just to name a few things. The Colombo Club is now working on bringing back the activities that we once had without question: Crab Feeds, Lobster Dinner, Bocce Tournaments, Golf Tournaments, Boxing, Opera, Family Dinners, and the Picnic all are being worked on now for 2022. Please read your newsletter and visit the website to stay up to date with events you may want to participate in. Si prega di leggere la newsletter e visitare il sito web per rimanere aggiornati con gli eventi a cui si desidera partecipare.

I want to personally thank all the members for being so patient and understanding through the troubled waters of the past two years. Crazy to see how long our lives have been impacted. We look forward to bringing back and enhancing the experience at the club that you own.

Non vediamo l’ora di riportare e migliorare l’esperienza nel club che possiedi. Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno

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