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Club President’s Message: February 2020

Being an Oakland native, I have grown up with the Oakland Raiders. Now they have left us again. Well, not good, but now we can say “GO NINERS.” The first time the Raiders left Oakland, the 49ers went on a championship run. Looks like history is going to repeat itself with the Niners in the Super Bowl. The Colombo Club has grown up in Oakland as well and has stayed true to the town we grew up in.  All members need to remember the good old days to make sure our future days are developed with dignity and respect. Tutti i membri devono ricordare ai vecchi tempi, per assicurarsi che i nostri giorni futuri siano sviluppati con dignità e rispetto. I know that the memories and documents that sit in our Isabella Room would not be there if not for the tireless effort to find and preserve. Many thanks go out to John Penna who for many years has been our Club Historian. Rich Puppione has supported John in the quest to maintain our Club history.  Thank You John and Rich for keeping our history alive. You have all heard about the 100th Anniversary book that Rich encouraged the board to produce, and single handedly wrote and published. This book will be a sellout. The book will be out in June of this year. Already many orders for the book have been received. Make sure you get on the list by purchasing your copy in advance now. Personally, I would like to thank John and Rich again for this great effort in making this historic book possible. Personalmente, vorrei ringraziare ancora John e Rich per questo grande sforzo nel rendere possibile questo libro storico.

The crab and pasta in January were, as always, fantastic. I hope you have made your reservations for the Crab Feed on February 8th.  Another event in February that should not be missed is the men’s Baccala lunch on February 17th. This is a special Italian meal cooked by our great Italian cooks – the heroes of our Club since 1920.

Tickets for the 100th Anniversary August 22nd dinner are now on sale (limit 2 per member). These will sell out quickly so I would suggest using the reservation form in this newsletter and jumping on this now.

I would like to thank the entire membership for following the Club’s dress code. The leaders of the Club have noticed that members are adhering to the dress code. This helps the Club’s image as a class act and again respects our elders. This also represents a learning experience for all soon-to-be-members. The children who come to our Christmas Party and family dinners are watching how we act and will model our actions in the future. Thank you for being a good role model to all of our youth. Our founders would be proud. Grazie per essere un buon modello per tutti i nostri giovani, i fondatori sarebbero orgogliosi.

The 100th year is special in many ways.  Take the time to grab a friend and come to the birthday dinners and all of our other events.  The Club grows with support.  When you’re having fun – Life is Good. This is something we always need to appreciate. We are a 100-year-old Club where still, to this day, absolute fun times can be had by all. Un club di 100 anni che ancora oggi premia il supporto con un momento assolutamente divertente che tutti hanno avuto.

Celebrare Cento Anni

Nick Nicora

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