Club President’s Message: February 2021

2020 is finally gone. We are all looking forward to an outstanding 2021. Thank you to all the members that have paid your dues. This is a big help in keeping the lights on at the Club. For the members who have not yet paid, please pay your dues and support your Club.

Last month we had the return of Club tradition that dates back to 1982 when Papa Joe Scalise introduced sausage and peppers accompanied with meat gravy pasta at a birthday dinner. We prepared 485 orders for pickup at the Club. It was no small task to prepare and have the meals ready. Thanks again to all who helped and a reminder that as a member your help on these events is greatly appreciated by all. It is also a very rewarding experience. Grazie ancora a tutto ciò che ha aiutato e un promemoria che come membro il tuo aiuto su questi eventi sarebbe stato notevolmente apricato da tutti ed è anche un’esperienza molto gratificante.

On a sad note, several of our members have passed away over the past months. February is traditionally Presidents’ Month. I want to mention the passing of a Club past president and long-time friend of mine, Ed Arri. Ed served as Club President twice, once in 2000 and again in 2015. I was introduced to Ed at the Fratellanza Club when I was just a kid. Ed would take me into the bocci courts and show me how to play. I am not sure if he was teaching or just keeping me busy. I miss Ed and thank him for being my friend and a great supporter of the Italian clubs in the area. He will be missed by many. Non so se stava insegnando o semplicemente tenendomi occupato. Ho qualche effetto, mi manca Ed e lo ringrazio per essere stato mio amico e un grande sostenitore dei club italiani della zona e gli mancheranno molti.

We are still in the lock-down at this time and with no real news as to when we can open. We showed an opening plan, developed through the opening committee, at the board meeting January 12th. I believe the Health Department and members will be impressed with the effort. We all know that when the Club finally does reopen, we will need to operate differently, but be assured that we will always strive to preserve the best traditions and culture of Italy. When we have a date for reopening, we will send out to all the new guidelines for entering and enjoying the Colombo Club. In the meantime, let’s make sure you show your support by purchasing our take out dinners and buying merchandise. This helps a lot. Please continue to look for and sign-up for work parties to make the Club better for all. Specifically, if anyone has plumbing experience, we could use your help now. We will be opening the Club with a new women’s restroom in the ballroom. It is now in the process of a build out. If you could help, please contact Tony Ballestero (

I hope you’re all staying well and, as always, looking forward to when we can all see each other at the Club. We are planning a take-out Crab Feed (maybe in March). So far, our to-go dinners have been a major success. To our past presidents, Thank you for keeping the spirit of our charter members alive. Happy 2021 to all our members and may we all find our way into the new world. 2021 e che tutti noi possiamo trovare la nostra strada nel nuovo mondo. Spero che il tuo tutto bene.Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno

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