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Celebrate good times, come on! There’s a party goin’ on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years. C’è una festa goin’ su proprio qui Una festa che durerà negli anni.

All of the Oakland A’s fans know this tune played at all home games. This is exactly what we did on December 4th, “finally” celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Colombo Club. This was a special event and fun was had by all. The dinner was great. The band was great. It was truly a celebration to last throughout the years. Dancing till 11:30 at night and using the dance floor how our fathers wanted it to be used. Ballare fino alle 11:30 di notte e usare la pista da ballo come i nostri padri volevano che fosse usata. I want to thank Rich Puppione and John Mazibrook for their tireless effort in the planning and operation of the anniversary.

We have now moved into our next 100 years and hope that we can carry on the tradition and respect that the Club deserves. With great pleasure, I can report that we have had a large influx of new Italian members. This helps grow a group of young members to maintain the Club for years to come. The Colombo Club has set a standard that other clubs in the world will try to emulate. Always good to be the standard people strive for. Now it is time for our young members to get involved and be part of the next 100 years. Ora è il momento per i nostri giovani membri di essere coinvolti e far parte dei prossimi 100 anni.

January starts off with the birthday dinners going back to the future with a free dinner on your birthday month. We are back to the way it was and hopefully to stay. We will also start offering a special dinner for members only for a full meal for $20 and a free cocktail or beverage of your choice. This is in appreciation for all the members who have stuck with the club during these very weird times.

Everyone who has come to the Club in the past few months has gone through our new protocol with proof of vaccination or 72-hour negative test from a doctor. Everyone has been great showing up with the proper documents and understanding why we need to do this. Safety of all members is our first priority. Thank you for being so patient.

I hope you’re also enjoying being able to pay your dues through the internet thecolomboclub.com. Our monthly electric, water, insurance, etc. bills need to be paid and your payment really does help so you help the Club with the necessary cash flow. The quicker everyone pays, the easier it is for us to plan our upcoming events like the Crab Feeds, Lobster Feeds, Bocce Tournament, Golf Tournament, and possibly bringing back Boxing Night, and maybe a Big Band Party Night for all.

On behalf of the Colombo Club and the Nicora Family I hope you all had an absolutely great Christmas holiday. This, after all we have been through, is the moment to share love and happiness with your family and friends. I for one, am having a great time with my grandkids. It is so special to be part of a loving family. We all need to keep pushing that love and then there will be no end to the happiness in our lives. Abbiamo tutti bisogno di continuare a spingere quell’Amore e poi non ci sarà fine alla Felicità nella nostra Vita.

Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno

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