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Club President’s Message: July 2020

It is still a very strange time. We cannot even predict when things will be back to normal at the Colombo Club.

I am proud to announce that we had our very first high-tech board meeting. On July 7, we had a virtual board meeting /assembly. Board members who wanted to attend in person at the Club social distanced in the ballroom. The rest of the 52 attendees joined the meeting through a Zoom conference call. Video and audio were projected on the large screen and sound was pumped through the new sound system. I must say I was extremely impressed with the number of attendees and their ability to navigate the online system. Interesting that it happened in our 100th year. What a way to start the next journey to 200 years. Interessante che sia successo nel nostro centenesimo anno, che modo per iniziare il prossimo viaggio a 200 anni. At this meeting we welcomed 31 new members capping our membership at 1000 strong. I would like all of you to welcome the new members and show them, when we meet again, your appreciation and happiness with their new friends:

Alexander Amoroso, Sean Ancelet, Anthony Bartenetti, Robert Biczek, Jimmy Blythe, Robert Carini, Dave Cecaci, Ron Cecaci Sr., Steven J. Cecaci, David Conti, Mark Cordone, Julio Corral, Richard Doppie, Clifford Drescher, Jonathan Drescher, Jon Feldhammer, Jim Gilchrist, Neil Bruce Goodhue, Matthew Guichard, Michael Henning, Charles Ingrao, Joseph Iovino, Marco Moroyoqui, Andew Peritore, Patrick Ramsey, Anthony Scotto, Ron Stansbury, Lincoln Strong and Sandy Vergano.

In the future we will have one large assembly meeting in November and the rest of our assembly meetings will be held on normally scheduled board meetings three times a year. We will bring in new members at these meetings.

This edition of the newsletter is highlighting our financial situation compliments of Cyril Bonanno. While we are not open and cannot drive income from dinner and parties, please go to the website ( and hit the merchandise button. This site is alive and well. You can now purchase:

  • Colombo Club Face Masks
  • Shirts
  • Hats
  • Golf Ball Markers
  • The New 100 Year History of the Colombo Club (Cent Anni)

We will be adding new items daily.

You will be directly supporting the Club and helping the Club drive revenue without being open by buying products that we have in stock. Although you are not able to attend Club functions, you can still proudly display the logo of the best Italian club in the world.

Till next time, please be safe and pray this is over soon so we can see each other again at the Club, and congratulations again to all the new members of the Colombo Club. Fino alla prossima volta, si prega di essere al sicuro e pregare che questo è presto finito in modo che possiamo vedere l’un l’altro di nuovo al club, e congratulazioni ancora a tutti i nuovi membri del Colombo Club.

Celebrare Cento Anni.

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