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Once again it is fun to start talking about upcoming events. June was Father Son month at the Birthday Dinners, and July will be Father Daughter. The Club will also be presenting on July 24 the Past Presidents dinner. It is always a great event to honor the past presidents that have worked so hard over the 101 years making this Club what it is. Last August we were all set to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the world’s largest Italian social club west of the Mississippi, but we all know what happened. This August we open the Club to the festivities of our 100th Anniversary plus 1. Set the date on your calendar for either August 21 or 28 and reserve and buy your tickets early as it will sell out. Come and enjoy the celebration. Bring your dancing shoes. Ora fissa la data e acquista i biglietti in anticipo in quanto esaurirà il 100° e unico anniversario del Colombo Club il 21 agosto. Vieni a goderti la celebrazione e portati scarpe da ballo.

As you can see things are starting to look up again for all of us. As we start to come back and reassemble our old lives at the Club, a few things stand in our way. As nice as it is to open, labor has become a dragging factor. The Club is looking for members that might be looking for a part-time fun job to assist in the new beginning of the Club. We especially need to find a few members who would love to experience cooking in the kitchen. Our staff can help you learn what to do. If you love to cook or want to learn, come join the kitchen staff. Quindi, se ami cucinare, unisciti allo staff della cucina If you can help us out in the kitchen, call Tony Tedeschi at the Club 510-653-9716.

The health department has given us a clean bill of health and the county health restrictions are changing so we are starting to work on some outside events again like the Family Picnic, Boccé, and the Golf Tournament. Stay tuned for dates and get ready to support the Club and have a great deal of fun while participating. We are also open and ready for your catering events. Siamo anche aperti e pronti per i vostri eventi di catering. The Colombo Club has always enjoyed catering many of our members’ parties and looks forward to hosting weddings and other large parties. The Club is a great place to hold an event.

I hope you’re all well and starting to feel good about going out again. This has been a tough 15 months, and I hope we never see this again. The rear view mirror is where this memory belongs. I will say for me that with all the turmoil, many of my friendships have been enhanced during this long period. I hope we do not forget that it is the small things in life that make our world better. Just a simple gesture to help or support a friend is something that I will continue to do. Solo un semplice gesto per aiutare o sostenere un amico è qualcosa che continuerò a fare. Maybe the Covid experience taught us to slow down a bit an enjoy what and those who are around us.

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