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Club President’s Message: June 2020

Ciao, Ciao

It is mid-June and it’s still Ground Hog Day. Never would anyone imagine that we would have postponed our 100th Anniversary extravaganza, and the continued cancelling of our famous birthday dinners. The good news is that we had an in-person social distancing board meeting on June 9th. The Board created a “Reopening Committee” that will come up with our strategy to reopen and report back to the full Board in August. The Club will closely follow all state, county, and city ordinances. We will work directly with the Alameda County Heath Department to come up with a plan to reopen as soon as possible. We want to reopen safely with proper procedures for operating the Club for all our members. The board members and officers take this responsibility very seriously and will not let you down. Noi come membri del consiglio e gli ufficiali prendiamo questa responsabilità molto sul serio e non ti deluderemo….

Over the past month some of the pleasures have been spending a lot of time with my mom and grand-kids. I would have been running around the state getting the fairs and events rolling. Now that there are no fairs or large gatherings. Family time is at a premium – and what a pleasure it is. To sit in the kitchen and have little Nicholas say “cook, cook,” basically his first word. He now knows the word “hot”, and understands what it means. He stood next to me by the BBQ and put his hand slowly on the top and I would say “hot,” and then he would touch softly and say “hot”. I may not have been the one to help him understand that if I was working my normal pace – it’s a backwards blessing. Sapere che non sono stato io ad aiutarlo a capire che, se stavo lavorando il mio ritmo normale è una benedizione arretrata. After last month, I now have committed to video and paper all our family signature recipes. This is another backward blessing that most likely would not have happened without this pause in our lives.

I am taking the time to realize truly how lucky I am to be part and president of such a great Club. I was at a meeting the other day and was asked a question about respect and history. The individual made a comment about his grandfather and father working the fairgrounds, and he works there now. How would I continue the tradition if he uses our company to perform the catering and concessions duties? I looked at him and spoke about the Colombo Club and the Nicora/Conte family. I expressed the desire to always remember the past and the individual family members that have gotten us to this point in our life. Our past has bound us together as a club and families. This bond needs to be appreciated and placed in your heart knowing that it is a blessing to be who we are at this time in our life, as strange as it is. Questo legame deve essere apprezzato e posto nel vostro cuore sapendo che è una benedizione essere ciò che siamo in questo momento della nostra vita. Per quanto strano sia.

We have been activating the online purchasing of our merchandise. At this point it is the only way we can continue to make money and support the Club without being at the Club. We will notify you when it is ready. When you receive the notice, please go to the website / buy shirts, hats, golf balls, the 100-year anniversary book and the many other things we have to offer. Even custom Colombo Club 100th anniversary face masks will be available. Fifty years from now when your grand-kids find that face mask in the box you left behind, it will be a story that binds the family and continues our tradition of love and support. Until next time please be safe, and keep your family safe as well.

Fino alla prossima volta si prega di essere al sicuro e mantenere la vostra famiglia al sicuro.

Nick Nicora, President
nnicora@comcast. net

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