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May 20, 2021 is a date that will live on in our glorious history. What A Night! The first birthday dinner in 14 months was one definitely for the record books. History was made that evening with a sold-out dinner of 200 members with adjusted seating capacity per Health Department requirements. La storia è stata fatta ieri sera con una cena sold out 200 membri solo con capacità di posti a sedere regolata in base ai requisiti di salute. An evening ready to be inserted into the next edition of the Cent Anni 100-year history of the Colombo Club. The members were greeted with an excitement that is hard to capture in writing. The Club was sparkling and ready to serve. Having been at many dinners, everything just seemed to be a bit better from the moment you entered the door to the crossing of the street to leave.

Special Guests

The night was a bit more special as we had two of Oakland’s sports stars as special guests, Rickey Henderson and Fred Atkins both had a wonderful time. To make things better when Billy Castell saw Rickey and Fred the memories started flowing. For some who may not know, Billy was a renowned scout for Major League Baseball. Billy was the scout that brought Rickey and Fred into the Majors. Fred off to the Yankees (boo boo), but Rickey to the Oakland A’s. Stories being told where a young Rickey was playing in front of many MLB scouts on a sunny day at Skyline High Field. After two strike outs the Dodger scouts, who were high on Rickey left, but not Billy, Rickey went on a hitting spree and an outfield clinic, and the rest is history for the Best Baseball Town in the League, Oakland. Dopo due strike out lo scout dei Dodger, che era in alto a Rickey a sinistra, ma non Billy, Rickey andò in una baldoria e in una clinica fuori campo, e il resto è storia per la Best Baseball Town nella League Oakland.

Salute to Our Members

I mentioned at the dinner to the members in attendance my complete admiration for the support of the Club. The overwhelming majority of members I believe 98% were vaccinated allowing all to enjoy in safety and happiness. Many at the Club have worked hard over the past 14 months to maintain and enhance the Club, but you the members stood tall with us and paid your dues and supported the Club by purchasing merchandise and to-go dinners. This is the reason the Club is 100 years old, built on respect and honor with a tradition like none other in the world. Questo è il motivo per cui il club ha 100 anni, costruito sul rispetto e sull’onore con una tradizione come non altre al mondo.

We should all look forward to attending our dinners this month and in the coming months and get back to enjoying a Club that from its beginnings in 1920 has offered a place where families gather to celebrate Italian traditions and culture. Non vediamo l’ora di partecipare alle nostre cene questo mese e nei prossimi mesi e tornare a goderci un club che fin dai suoi inizi nel 1920 ha offerto un luogo dove le famiglie si riuniscono per celebrare le tradizioni e la cultura italiana Plan on making your reservations for our anniversary celebrations in August. Our 100 plus 1 celebrations will be very memorable events. Check the newsletter flyer next month.

Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno

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