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I can feel the warmth of Summer right around the corner. This time of year always makes me happy, but also reminds how time is rushing by. Stop and smell the great food in the kitchen and remember we have great days ahead of us. Having a great day is bringing your son or sons to the Father and Son Sports Nights at the June Birthday Dinners. What a great way to bring your boys and enjoy the camaraderie of our Colombo Club. We are so excited about having sold-out dinners again. This helps the Club in so many ways! Keep it up. Come one, come all.

Club President’s Message: June 2022 1

I have been getting a few phone calls on how to make reservations for the dinners. We have a new policy that is in place right now, we sell out the first dinner and then we announce the next, if needed. We need to be very fiscally responsible if we want to keep our dinner cost down and at the same time make a profit to support the Club. Dobbiamo essere molto responsabili dal punto di vista fiscale se vogliamo mantenere bassi i costi della cena e allo stesso tempo realizzare un profitto per sostenere il club.

Here is another brief explanation on how to make reservations for Birthday Dinners:

  • Call 510-653-9020
  • For the 1st Birthday Dinner, press 1 for reservations, and 1 again for the first dinner.
  • For the 2nd Birthday Dinner, press 1 for reservations and 2 for the second dinner.
  • If your plans change, your reservations must be canceled by 7 pm on the Sunday before the dinner, or you will be charged $15 for each reservation not canceled.
  • If you get a “dinner full” message, leave your name and phone number to be placed on the waiting list. You will be called if reservations open up. If you do not get Dinner Full message, leave your name and number of people in your party, and you can expect to have reservations for that night.

I hope this helps as I look forward to seeing you at the Club.

The upcoming golf tournament is already up to 80 golfers. Remember we will be playing at the very nice Sequoyah Country Club. We play on a Monday, so we are the only people on the course. July 25 is our day. This event will sell out so make sure you get yourself signed up today! Great golf, dinner and prizes for all. Just going home with a three-pound Molinari salami is worth it. The big bonus is all profits of the event go straight to the Colombo Club Scholarship Fund. Come play golf and help a child go off to college with support from your Club. Vieni a giocare a golf e aiuta un bambino ad andare al college con il supporto del tuo club.

Club President’s Message: June 2022 2

I am happy to report that the other Italian clubs in Northern California are doing well. At the Presidents Meeting, all the clubs reported being in good shape coming out of the pandemic. The other clubs are having the same issue that we are regarding the need for cooks. If you feel like having a great time and helping with cooking for our events, sign up and show off your cooking skill or develop those skills that were taught to you by your Nuno, and Noni. Bring your old country recipes to the Club or come and learn new ones.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at the Club. Have a great day today.

Non vedo l’ora di vedervi tutti al Club. Buona giornata oggi Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno (almost 2 years – Crazy, quasi 2 anni Crazy)

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