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Club President’s Message: March 2021

Well, the eyes of March are upon us and we are still waiting for the state or Covid-19 to set us free. The Club is ready and waiting with a solid plan reviewed and studied to implement the opening of the Club. We all know it will be different in the beginning, but if we all work hard to follow the rules of engagement, we can start to enjoy the Club and keep our loved ones and fellow members safe. Hard to believe we are still in this situation, but it is what it is – totally out of our control. I will say that the overall membership has helped a great deal in this time of peril.

The overwhelming success of our To-Go dinners is entirely accomplished by the volunteer group manning the Club and executing the dinners. We greatly appreciate the members who have participated by purchasing the dinners and merchandise. It really does help us pay the bills. We have very few glitches in the process and to the ones that may have fallen through the cracks my heartfelt apology. Abbiamo pochissimi problemi nel processo e a quelli che potrebbero essere caduti nelle fessure le mie sentite scuse. Gladly this was very few and we will work to make the next to-go dinner flawless. Speaking of the next dinner, take advantage of a great half chicken and pesto pasta dinner this month (see the attached flyer). We have also been in discussions over what to serve next month. We will decide on the entree at our next board meeting. Inside scoop – It looks good for the Crab Feed – stay tuned. We need to figure out how to do it successfully and as reasonably priced as possible. As you all know prices have gone up, and we cannot afford to go backwards with our cashflow.I want to personally thank all the individuals who used the tip function during the purchasing of food and merchandise through our new credit card system. These tips go directly to our construction budget and will greatly enhance the women’s bathrooms in the main ballroom. I need to also thank the Women’s Auxiliary for their $5,000 donation to the cause. Ringrazia lausiliaria femminile per la donazione di 5.000 dollari alla causa.

I hope you all have felt the ease of using the new website. The Largest Italian-American Social Club West of the Mississippi – The World Famous Colombo Club (thecolomboclub.com) If you have not visited the site, please do so. New and exciting functions will be put to use in the coming months. Now you can pay your dues online easily and let me thank all the members who have paid their dues on time. This greatly enhances the Club’s ability to maintain and improve for future generations. Ciò migliora notevolmente la capacità del club di mantenere e migliorare per le generazioni futuro.

We inducted new members into the Club on March 2nd. Yes, the Club is still growing and welcoming new members. This is a great testament for a solid backbone to this wonderful Club. If you have a relative or friend who you want to bring into the Club, now is the time to get them signed up. The waiting period is not very long.

I am extremely proud to help guide and service the needs of such a Great Club as president. I hope you’re all safe and well. Sono estremamente orgoglioso di aiutare a guidare e soddisfare le esigenze di un Grande Club come presidente. Spero che tutti voi al sicuro e bene.

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