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Marching on! We are slowly taking one step at a time to bring back normalcy at the Colombo Club. The February Crab Feed was a major success and the upcoming ones in March are quickly selling out. I believe we have taken a step forward and all the members and guests attending our events feel very comfortable knowing the Club has instituted policies and procedures that help keep everyone safe. The Club has never been so clean and the upgrades to the facility are great. Il Club non è mai stato così pulito e gli aggiornamenti alla struttura sono fantastici.

Rich Puppione has brought to, and the board has voted to create “IL PREMIO DI APPREZZAMENTO de Colombo Club,” “THE APPRECIATION AWARD of the Colombo Club.” Over the years there have been many Colombo Club members who have deserved recognition, but there have only been five who have been given special recognition: Baldassarre “Joe” Giangoia, whose picture hangs in the Ed Basso Room. Ed Basso, for whom we renamed the Isabella Room and posted his photo. Carmen Rizzo, for whom we named the room next to the stage. John Penna, whose photo hangs in the Ed Basso Room for preserving Club historical items and we also approved putting a plaque at his place in the dining room, and Ray Fratangelo whose photo hangs behind the bar in the Club room. Then, of course, we have photos of each of our past presidents. This will establish a formal procedure for recognizing exemplary members for their contributions to the Club. We will be looking back at recognizing members during the first 100 years, and look ahead to recognize current members. This will set a procedure for future Boards to recognize deserving members.

We are continually looking for members to help the Club, cooking, setting up events, monitoring the front door, checking vaccinations, selling tickets during dinner, etc. If you are interested in supporting your Club, call the main number and press #3 and leave a message and we will get back to you. It is vital that we create a culture of support to continue the Club’s growth and success. It is great having fun at the Club’s events, but getting involved is a special feeling that you will carry every time you enter the front door of the Club. È bello divertirsi agli eventi dei Club, ma essere coinvolti è una sensazione speciale che porterai ogni volta che entrerai nella porta d‘ingresso del l Club.

Congratulations to the 18 new members initiated during the February Birthday Dinner. Having the new members initiated during the birthday dinner is a great experience. The vibe is so strong and the honor of becoming a member is greatly enhanced with the large crowd. Please note that the phone system has been upgraded. I know I spoke of this before but I wanted to once again remind you that when making reservation to the Birthday Dinner Dial the main number 510-653-9020 and press 1. If the dinner is sold out leave a message anyway and you will be put on the list and most of the time your request will be filled. Hope you’re all well. See you at the Club!

Spero che tustia bene a vederti al club! Celebrare Cento Anni’ più uno

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