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Club President’s Message: May 2020

Ciao, Ciao

One hundred years and I can only imagine that our founding fathers would never have believed the times we are going through today. In some ways it pales in comparison to the wars that our Colombo Club members had to fight for our freedom – leaving their families who did not know if they would return. We, in comparison, are quarantined to our homes and are taking care of our families. Lasciando le loro famiglie che non sapevano se sarebbero tornate. In confronto, siamo messi in quarantena per le nostre case e ci prendiamo cura delle nostre famiglie. We are spending time working around the house and praying that the virus doesn’t visit our home. 

In the next few weeks, we will be making decisions on when our Club members can come back together and share the good times that we have celebrated at the Club for 100 years. We can be assured of one thing the 2020 100th anniversary of the Colombo Club will be remembered in a special way. Family members joining and spending time that the old world would not let us do. That world moved very fast and we played right along with it. Now we have the time to reach into our souls and bring the true meaning of family to our lives. Ora abbiamo il tempo di entrare nelle nostre anime e portare il vero significato della famiglia nella nostra vita.

I have gathered my mom, grand kids, daughter in law, and my kids to our home. We have spent the time playing games and cooking. The time off has given us the time to cook some of the best food we grew up with throughout our lives. I am extremely proud to carry the traditional recipes from my nonno and nona and share them with family and friends. I had these recipes in my head and have written them down over the years. Now, with the time we have at home, I’ve been video taping the cooking of the recipes so that the grandkids watching me today will carry the tradition into future. Sometimes I believe something out of our control can be the reason to make it right. A volte credo che qualcosa al di fuori del nostro controllo possa essere la ragione per farlo bene.

I cannot write this address without mentioning a very special person in my life John Penna. My father, Vince and John were good friends and I had the pleasure of working with John as he was a very active board member at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. I was proud to make my dad and John proud to support me as the food and beverage operator. The most important feeling for me is the respect that is earned from someone like John – A Legend! La sensazione più importante per me è il rispetto che viene guadagnato da qualcuno come John. una leggenda. Rich Puppione has, in this newsletter, captured John Penna’s life. I will miss John!! I know that my dad welcomed him to the next step

We are very lucky to have a very strong board of directors and officers that are navigating the Club through troubled waters today. I can’t say enough how lucky we, as members, are to have such a strong group of people handling all the issues that we need to cover. Because of all the participation in this Club by all members, we have enough resources to weather this. When this is over, and it will be, it is very important for everyone to rise up and vigorously support, visit, use the club, and continue the legacy that our founding fathers envisioned. Al termine, e lo sarà, è molto importante che tutti si alzino e sostengano vigorosamente, visitino, usino il club e continuino l’eredità che i nostri padri fondatori avevano immaginato.

More to come, stay safe and protect your family. Altro a venire, stare al sicuro e proteggere la tua famiglia.

Nick Nicora

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